Appenine Mountains

Located in Italy, and northern Sicilia

Geographic facts

  • they are in Italy and San Marino
  • Highest point: Corno Grande (2912 meters)
  • Length: 1200 km
  • Width: 250 km

Physical Geography

The Apennines Mnts. have a cool and/or warm climate towards the base depending on what season it is. They have 4 distinct seasons like most European countries. More towards the peaks and higher elevation they have a little bit cooler and windier climate. At the base of the mountains there are some grasslands. The Apennines have many forests like the Alburni, Sila grande and Pecentini. The weather here is a mix between hot and wet to cold and dry depending on what elevation and what part of the mountains your in. The southern part is hotter and the northern is colder and has more snow like the Alps in Switzerland. The Apennines also have lots of wildlife in them and around. Some examples are the Italian Wolf, the Golden Eagle, Apennines Brown Bear and the Texiguat Earth Snake.

Human Geography

There are many roads and trails that go across these mountains. Some of these are the Autostrada del Sole, Route A1, and highway E45. The main language here is Italian. The form of politics is Democratic republic and most people who live here are Catholic or Protestant.In these mountains, people make a living by mining, tunneling, paving roads or cutting lumber. There are small towns and cities at the bases of some of these mountains, along with lots of tourist/resort towns.


These mountains have many resources on them Here are the main ones. Oil, Coal, and Iron.


It seems like there are few towns in this are, due to the fact that it is very rugged terrain. However the few towns there are , are Skiing/snowboarding resorts.