Paper Staff Call 10/28/2016

Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy

Pelicans and Paint

Come get your inner artist on the night before PD. We will be going to dinner (Dutch) at Superior Grill on Government at 5:45 on Thursday, November 3. Then our paint session will start at 7pm in the first floor of the office (Free on Us). Take the survey below to let us know your coming so we know the number of supplies needed and how many to hold a table for. look forward to seeing you if you can make it. If you are in town, hand the kids over and meet us too.

First Class Flyers

Get your TShirts Today

This link will be up for 20 days to order shirts. I will get another one set for knits for staff by Monday. Please share with families!!!!

Purchase a shirt or two, show your #LAVCA Pride and help raise funds for our students! (

From the Tower...

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K-7 Grades

8-12 Grades

Here is your Flight Plan for next week. We look forward to seeing most of you in the office on Friday, the 4th!

Be sure that your Instructional Levels have been updated on your trackers for Quarter 2, using your Quarter1 Post Test data (if possible). DDI meetings begin on Monday...can't wait to see the great growth from August!


We recently received our FAST report card. We are graded on a scale of 1-4 from the Students First Rubric:
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We appreciate all of the referrals that you have created. Our goal is to work with at least 10% of LAVCA students. Here's where we are currently:
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Sometimes, we do need a little more information on the FAST Tracker. Remember, Dana should be listed as the lead teacher for K-7, and Anthony should be listed as the lead teacher for 8-12.

Please make sure you list your team as Additional Reviewers when completing the referral, so they can see the referral as well.

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Just failing courses is not reason enough for a student to be referred to FAST. When filling out the FASL reasons for referrals, please include the factors that are contributing to the student's failing grades. Are they not coming to required classes, not logging in, not communicating, not completing Study Island assignments, etc? Please include those reasons on the tracker. Also, is there pertinent information that the FAST team needs to know about the student? Please include that information in the notes as well. It helps the FASL/FRC/FEC/FCL have a better picture of the student and his/her needs and deficiencies.

There have been a lot of duplicate referrals on the tracker lately. Before you make a referral, please check the tracker, check TVS notes, ask your teammates, use TVA, and/or ask a FASL to see if a student has been referred to FAST already or not.

Some referrals are still not being submitted when they're created. Remember, in order for the referral to be visible for the leads to review, you must submit, not save, the referral.

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Thank you for working with us. Each member of our FAST team wants to work to support you and help our students. We appreciate your collaboration and input.
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