Insight Journal Bulitin

Serena Padavich; Editor-in-Cheif

What Have The Immigrants Done To You!

The immigrants coming from Northern and Western Europe, have been carrying diseases into our country! Therefore, we must keep them in tenement housing to keep our children and love ones safe from sickness!

Money And American Power

As the immigrants move in I believe that the rich Americans look down on these somewhat poor immigrants thinking less of them because of the way the look, the color of their skin and the way they dress and talk. They do not realize that underneath under all of their expensive clothes and scents they could be exactly like them.
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Know Your Place Shut Your Face

Uncle Sam( the U.S) is telling the government to know their place and shut their face because they don't want the was to be bigger than it already is and they wanted to stay out of what the weren't involved in to begin with.
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Real Dogs Of War

This news article shows a a Canine Unit Ambulance Division rescuing wounded soldiers from the bloody battlefield of WW1. This particular article is referring t the canines that were specially trained to identify and rescue the wounded soldiers.During the war, over 50,000 dogs were trained and sent over seas to help soldiers in Germany and in Italy. There were a lot of things that people had to go through to get the right type of dog because the different breeds were used for different things, for example, the bigger dogs were used to find wounded soldiers and being guard dogs, the smaller dogs were used to kill rats in the trenches , also known as "ratters"
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The Great Bambino

Babe Ruth leads the Yankees to the World Series while holding the record for home runs and outs in the history of baseball! He was born February 6, 1895 and died august 16, 1948. He had so many nicknames they are hard to remember them all! For example, The Great Bambino, The Sultan of Swat, The Big Bang, and the one used the most, The Babe.

My Favorite Trumpet Player

Oh my, Satchmo, Louis Armstrong, Was amazing tonight, how he is so inspiring and influences countless musicians. He shares his music with the jazz world, but also the Modern World as well.

Rule breakers

In the roaring twenties girl decided to leave their tied up prim and proper selves in the past and run free in there short heels and knee length dresses, no corset and hair to their shoulders. These girls wanted to be different and be noticed in their new vibrant colors and smiles, they were know as the cigarette smoking flapper girls of the 20s

Alchohol Bound

Believe it or not, our home state Iowa had a lot to do with the guilded age, but one of the more important things that stunned American history would be the illegal alchohol making. The men and woman became distressed when the states put a law against alchohol because they believed that the was fuel to the fire when men would beat their spouses and children and fights were caused by drunks. These people made jugs and tubs full of alchohol made from corn and shipped and sent alchohol all across the country, to be sold illegally. It was how a lot of families made money in the gilded age.