Night of The Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman and Mia Hutteger

Character list

Dan hatch

Arthur Darlington

Aunt Goldie

Belle smiley

Ryan hatch

Gramdpa hatch

grandma hatch

Linda hatch

john hatch

Stacey Darlington

Ronnie vae

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Problem and solution

Problem: Tornadoes hit and Dan,Arthur and baby Ryan were in the basement alone. Solution: Stacey came from Mrs smileys ( A neighbor)house to Dan and baby Ryan's house.

Problem:The kids were trying to find there family because there mom was at Mrs smileys house and the dad was on the farm when the tornado hit.

Solution: They escaped the jail cell and so they could look for there families.


The author wrote about Dan's red letter day and his red letter day is that Dan entered a dairy queen bike race and he was so happy that he won $100 the price also included a racing helmet a aluminum bike pump and three packages of fruit of the loom underwear which Dan gave to Arthur. The author wrote about how they took a trip Mormon island state park. They had just had there first swim of the summer. They came back to there house and was watching the weather channel and saw there was a 20% chance of a thunderstorm. After that they had dinner. Next there Dad went to the farm to work on the tractor. Arthur called his mom to ask for a sleepover. According to the text Dan and Arthur went to Arthur's house. In the text it said that on the way to Arthur's house they stopped at Mrs smileys to see her new door that was so strong that almost no damage could mess up the door. Arthur and Dan got stuck at Dan's house because it started to rain and get stormy. According to the text Arthur and Dan had to run back to Dan's house because baby Ryan was still at the house. When they got there the weather was not good and they didn't want to go back to Arthur's house so they stayed there. According to the text the weather got very bad and they thought it might be a tornado so they went to the basement and was there for a pretty long time. Dan was so scared and wanted to see his mom and his dad. The basement started to flood so they decided to go to the shower. According to the text Dan had remembered that the safest place to go was the shower. They were in the shower and. The boys and thought the tornado was over they decided to go outside to check. They couldn't get out but at last Stacy came to help them. They got out and all the boys and Stacy went to go find there mom. Dan was looking and he was trying to see if she was in the car because she drove down to Mrs smileys house but they all couldn't fit under he bed so she quickly tried to come back to the boys but she couldn't. The author wrote that Mrs hatch came down screaming Danny Danny and Danny was scream mom, mom so they find her and Dan was wondering where Mrs smiley was and Mrs hatch didn't know. Dan convinced Stacy,him and Arthur to go and find her because the firefighters were all the way on the other side of the block. mom went to go to Kmart where everyone else went for safe shelter. Mom let them and they got down to the basement and had to use a mattress and some old bed springs to get Mrs smiley out. They got in the police car and officer Kelly's was in there and the next tornado hit and officer Kelly's glasses broke and the glass went into her eyes. Dan had to drive the car, they went to headquarters,they were at headquarters and they went to the cell because officer Kelly wanted to keep them safe. In the text it said that Dan wanted to get out and go find his dad. Officer Kelly said know another tornado could hit at any time. All of the kids escaped the police station. Dan went everywhere. Stacey and Arthur went looking for there parents. Dad found mom and Ryan. Officer Kelly told dad that they were either at police station or k-mart. Dan. the whole family was looking for Dan.One year later Mrs smiley died. Finally they found each other. And that was Dan's Black letter day.


The family lives in Grand island,Nebraska. Bordered by CO,KS,IA,MD, WY. State bird is the Western meadowlark. Famous landmarks are Chimney rock,Zoo, Aquifer.