Studying for a Quiz

When is the best time to study? by Trevor McDonald


Would studying notes be more effective right when I get home or right before bed?


My hypothesis is that studying right when I get home will be more effective because it will be fresh on my mind and I won't be tired.

My Experiment

Every week I have a quiz on Friday, and we learn the topic during that week. For the first week, I am going to study my notes right when I get home. On the second week, I will study right before I go to sleep. To make sure it isn’t just the topic, I’ll do it for 6 weeks.
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When I studied right when I got home, I had an average of 90 on the quizzes, when I studied right before bed, I made an average of 94. From this I can conclude that studying right before bed is the best for remembering notes for quizzes.