A game for writers and universe builders

Chronode is a universe-building writing game with collaborative and competitive elements where you, the Omniscribe, has the power to literally write things to life. Your belief shapes reality, and your imagination is the limit.

Bring a universe to life

When you join Chronode, you become an Omniscribe - a godlike entity with the capability to manipulate reality. You are given a plane to mold to your preference, which you are free to develop in any way you deem fit.

Feel like creating a desert world filled with poisonous salamanders where people live in a spartan-like culture? Write it and it will become a reality. Feel like creating an ultra-realistic parallel of the current world? Just write it. Your world becomes your sandbox, free for you to develop and mold to your liking.

Word count is your currency

Your world building powers are only limited by a resource called inspiration, which you need to earn by writing. The more words you write, the more inspiration you earn, which you spend to create things like races, communities, species, terrain, ec.