Sports 4 Sprouts

Older kids help younger kids with a sport of their choice

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What Sports 4 Sprouts really is....

This program allows kids (kindergarten-5th grade) to learn more about the sports of their choice. They will practice their sport with a group of kids their age and learn about it. They will be taught by a group of older kids (6th grade-9th grade). I feel like with younger kids teaching they can help the kids understand more and not be afraid to try. Sometimes when adults are teaching they take too much control and don't relate to the kids. With younger kids it can be like a hangout but you actually learn something and have fun with it.

For the older kids...

When you volunteer you get to play the sport you love and get to spread that love to younger kids. You get to be in charge and maybe make new friends while having fun and being active. You aren't being forced to do something you don't want to. So just come out, play your sport and have fun

Sports of your choice

The sports that are available are...








What to bring for your sport...


-Shin guards, cleats, soccer ball, and water


-Bat, mitt, softball or baseball, helmet, cleats or sneakers and water


-Basketball, sneakers and water


-Volleyball, sneakers and water


-Tennis racket, tennis ball, sneakers, and water


-Sneakers, water, if you want to do any fielding buy the thing you want to do


-Lacrosse stick, lacrosse ball, water, and any other protection

Contact Information

You can contact me at my cell: (201-246-5678) OR email of

Sports 4 Sprouts Schedule

Monday, April 11th, 4:45-6:45pm

131 Main Street

Emerson, NJ

This event will happen every monday till the June 6th. You don't have to come to every "practice".

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