Collaborative Scoring

Ensuring Continuity Across Classrooms

What Is It?

A structured conversation where teachers use student work as a vehicle for learning and problem solving.

Why Is This Important?

  • To have a greater in depth understanding of the assessment criteria and rubrics.

  • To come to consensus as a department on the interpretation of level descriptors for our students’ work.

  • Ensures that the assessment and rubric are in alignment.

Snapshot of Collaborative Scoring

APS Snapshots 4x11 Collaborative Scoring

Protocol for Scoring Work Together

  • A protocol ensures that there is equity in how each person's contributions are considered.

  • It creates a structure that makes it safe to ask challenging questions of each other.

  • Finally, because time is always a precious resource among educators, protocols are a way to make the most of the time allotted for examining student work.

Protocol for Collaborative Scoring

Norms for Scoring

A set of norms has been established to help with potential areas of conflict. Adhering to the norms will ensure timeliness, fairness and rich conversation.

Norms for Collaborative Scoring