Learning Assistance Mentor Program

What is LAMP?

The mission of LAMP student training program, is to develop a culture of peer mentoring at the college that connects First Year students with Second Year experienced students to promote social responsibility, leadership, college navigation, student success skills and to strengthen the student community resulting in personal development towards the unified achievement of academic/life goals as well as providing leadership and transferable skills.

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LAMP Training Sessions

Through the training sessions you will experience conversations and discoveries that occur when mentoring your assigned peers. During the training you will:

  • Share valuable knowledge and experience of your first college year experience
  • Improve your critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills.
  • Learn to manage your goals, explore college majors, career pathways through the mentoring of your fellow peers.
  • Explore college resources, events and student success workshops on campus.

Lamp Training Schedule-Week 1

Day 1-Training

Monday, July 21st, 10am-12pm


This computer lab is located by the Aquatic Center

Day 1-Agenda

10:30-Group Discussion-"What is Mentoring?"
10:45-Wordle Exercise
11:15-Group Activity -"Understanding How You're Smart"
11:30-Multiple Intelligence Preference Inventory
11:50-Wrap-Up/Q & A

Day 2-Training

Wednesday, July 23rd, 10am-12pm


This computer lab is located by the Aquatic Center

Day 2-Agenda

10:00-Online Homework Discussion

10:15-Group Activity-Listening Techniques

10:30-Canvas Discussion and Online Resources (Listening)

10:50-Communication Presentation

11:15-Group Activity-"How to communicate effectively"

11:35-Intro to Mentor Best Practices

11:50-Wrap/Q & A

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Arkova M. Scott

Instructional Designer and Technologist

Andre C. Lawrence

Center Support Technician