Raider Nation Staff Newsletter

Week of February 25, 2019

Hello Raider Nation --

It appears that we may have a full week this week – go figure! It is my sincere hope that the remainder of our school year will be free of inclement weather as Spring is just around the corner!

Our staff meeting is tomorrow after school. We will be meeting in the Media Center. The meeting will continue our work with developing Atholton values as we take a look at department values and work towards developing school-wide staff values.

It is that time of year when staffing and scheduling begin to dominate workroom discussions. As many of you may know, our numbers are predicted to be significantly less next year. This decrease may result in having to surplus some staff members. We are not at the time to make those decisions nor a time for anyone to worry. I will have more information for you at the staff meeting tomorrow.

I would like to acknowledge Sheila Carr-Spence, Michelle Howard, Cherise Petty, Cheryl Grimes, Jessie Moore, and Stephanie Johnson-Rolle (my apologies if I missed anyone) for their hard work and guidance of our Black Student Union. The program was both educative and entertaining. If you see members of the BSU, please be sure to let them know what a great job they did! Thank you to everyone who made this possible. It takes a village!

I am keeping the information on Denial of Credit in the newsletter for your reference. Please work collaboratively with student services and administration in following protocol.

See you tomorrow!


Denial of Credit Information

As we enter the third quarter, the discussion of denial of credit may begin to surface. I want to share the Denial of Credit process that the school system has put in place. This process is intended to afford multiple opportunities for intervention for student attendance in order to avoid any student being in the position of being denied credit for a course. Teachers, counselors, and administrators are asked to take specific steps to document student and parent notification and engagement prior to requesting denial of credit from the principal. The steps in the process are:

    1. Student/Teacher Conference (one each quarter)
    2. Parent Notification (one each quarter)
    3. Denial of Credit Warning Letter sent by teacher (before end of Quarter 3)
    4. Conference held with student, parent, counselor/administrator documented in the form of a contract
    5. Denial of Credit Recommendation Form submitted to principal (3 weeks prior to last student day)



Monday -- Attendance / SST

Monday -- Staff Meeting

Thursday -- ITL Meeting

Mark Your Calendar

February 25 -- Staff Meeting

March 4 -- Department Meetings

March 12 -- PIP (Active Assailant Training)