Austyne January

A 5th Grade Girl in 2013-2014

My Family

I have a mom named Mikala, a Dad named Greg,a 1st grade brother named Jett, and a 3 3/4 year old yellow lab dog named Maverick.I have been in Prarie Ridge Elementary from Kindergarten through 5th grade and I love it here

This Is Me

I love music, art, gymnastics, swimming,and volleyball. My favorite songs are 22, Red, Stay Stay Stay (All by Taylor Swift), and Treasure (By Bruno Mars)

Taylor Swift - 22
Taylor Swift - Stay Stay Stay (Music Video)
Taylor Swift - Stay Stay Stay (Lyrics On Screen) [HD]

Animals and Me

I love animals. Any animal is a freind to me, dogs, cats, birds, dolphins etc. Even spiders and snakes! Though I keep atleast 1 or 2 feet away from dangerous or poisonous things I'm often so fasenated by them!

My Dog