Henry Hess is coming to KMS!

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The Henry Hess is coming to Kirtland Middle School. More information can be found below.

Henry Hess in KMS!

Wednesday, Oct. 16th 1963 at 1pm

9150 Chillicothe Road

Kirtland, OH


12:45- Henry Hess arrives

1:00- Presentation begins

1:30- Intermission

2:00- Presentation ends

2:15-3:00- Henry Hess will walk from class to class and answer questions

3:00-3:35-Henry Hess talks with teachers

3:35- Henry Hess leaves

Background info on Henry Hess

  • Born May 24, 1906
  • Died August 25, 1969
  • Went to Yale and was a professor at Princeton
  • Created the theory of seafloor spreading
  • Commanded a summerine during WW2
  • Was a Geologist
  • Parents were Julian and Elizabeth Hess
  • Born in New York City
  • Helped Alfred Wegener prove continental drift
  • Died in Woods Hole, Massachusetts
Sea Floor Spreading with Bill Nye


"Perhaps it is true that we won't find out as much about the earth's interior from one hole as we hoped. To those who raise objections I say, If there is not a first hole, there cannot be a second or tenth or a hundredth hole. We must make a beginning." -Henry Hess

What Is Seafloor Spreading.

Seafloor Spreading is the formation of new areas of oceanic crust, which occurs through the upwelling of magma at mid-ocean ridges and its subsequent outward movement on either side.