William McKinley

25th president of the United States


William McKinley was a man who was born in Ohio in 1843. McKinley got elected March 4th, 1897 because of his appeal to the nation. He is most known for being president during the Spanish- American War. That war was when the United States took over Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines. The US, during this time, earned the reputation as world power. He is also known as the start of a pattern of progressive presidents. He was the first "modernized" president. He died is a devastating assassination by a French man. McKinley's death lead to Theodore Roosevelt (his vice president) becoming president. He is buried in Canton, Ohio in 1901

Political Philosophy

William McKinley was a republican who believed that war should only go one if it is highly needed. War should not be something that America should start. He also thought that every war that we were in needed to be a victory. He made the Tariff Act is 1890 which was to protect domestic industries from foreign competition. This Act only lasted 4 years when it was replaced by the Wilson-Gorman Tariff Act in 1894. McKinley wanted the United States to spread and grow more powerful. He believed that access to China was crucial for the expansion because of how many people are in China. He also made the Open Door policy which stated to allow equal trading opportunities to all countries. China did not like this so they made the Boxer Rebellion and William was able to shut that down very quickly.


William McKinley was pro imperialism. HIs whole thing when he was president was prosperity and spreading our greatness through to other countries, which was the whole idea about imperialism. Making the Open Door Policy (equal trading opportunities for all countries) and also the Tariff Act are very imperialistic changes to the government. In the late 1800's the continent was pretty content on were they were at and how they expanded. William McKinley, however, was not. He wanted the US to keep growing and spreading its greatness through out the world so all of the other countries could be like the US and has similar government and us.

Afterwards... How he impacts us today

William McKinley got shot in 1901 by Leon Czolgosz. So he was not able to accomplish al that he wanted to. He was able to get America to start moving into a progressive period of time and get out of the little slump that we had. Most of his laws were over written by the future presidents. But, his ideas were able to shape the way the government ran and he was able to get people thinking ahead and not behind.


  • Led the US to a victory against the Spanish during the Spanish- American War.
  • Open Door Policy
  • Made the gold standard as the official backing of US currency to avoid inflationary
  • Raised Tariffs
  • Attempted to end sectionalism between the North and the South and was sort of successful but, was not able to do much with civil rights