Vlad The Impaler

vlad has many gothic trates such as his lenage his actions and his name

Vlad may have den the inspiration for the modern day monster how ever his truth is a challenge to eny fiction we can imagine
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In His life He Was Rased To Be A Killer leding Him To his Dark Profetion of Impaling

Live sicencis articel sead i t best" In 1462, Mehmet II (at the time, the Ottoman sultan), invaded Wallachia. When he arrived at the capital city of Târgoviște, he found it deserted. The rotting remains of Ottoman prisoners of war, each impaled on a spike, were the only soldiers there to greet him. Mehmet didn't retreat right then and there, but he certainly didn't gain any headway.
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even thee name givan to him from his lenage had a darkermeaning

The word Dracula means son of the Dragon in ancient Romanian how ever due to changes in the language it became some of the Devil a more apropret name fore the prince of darkness.
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The Man or The Monster

If you ask me the man story is fare more terrifying because it is true. He may have lacked the funes of modern day vampiers