Concussions = Dementia

How do Concussions lead to Dementia later on in life?

Sport Science: NFL Concussions and helmet to hemet collisions


Football players who suffer with concussions are more likely to accuire dementia later on in life.

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A study done on 3,439 NFL players with 5 or more seasons in the league, showed that they were 4 times more likely to get Alzheimer's Diease (a form of Dementia) .
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Survey on retired Pro Football players found 60% who had suffered at least one concussion. 26% reported 3 or more concussions in their career. Players with 0-2 concussions had devloped less signs of dementia/ Alzheimer's Disease. The symptoms of 3 or more concussions were memory problems, confusion, speech & hearing difficulties, numbness in the arms/ legs and many headches.
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In February 2007, Ted Johnson (Patriot LInebacker) announced he had heath problems including things similar to early onset Alzheimer's, which was traced to his many concussions sustained as a young boy and in his career in the NFL