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The newly released movie, Brian Jack, was quite a hit. The critics say it is a five star movie. I recommend everyone to go see this movie about a couple of teenagers having a hard time trying to take down the evil Ursla, the neuro head set controller. The actors were casted greatly. The cast consists of Zach Efron playing Sam, Cristiano Ronaldo playing Dodge, Blake Lively as Vienna and Josh Hutcherson as Kiwi.


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Boy gets fat from ursla.

A boy has a neuro head set on in the mall where thousands of people also have them on. Just as he thinks to make fun of a fat lady, he trips and falls in front of his crush. He gets up very fast hoping that she didn't see. He glances at her to try to see if she saw him fall, he soon realizes that she did because when he looks her and her friends are giggling. He walks over to her, ignoring the fact that they are laughing because he fell,and says "look at that fat lady." The girls start to laugh and talj bad about fat people. The next day he wakes up and goes to brush his teeth but he soon realizes that he is huge. He washes his face thinking something is wrong with his vision. He knows it isn't a joke after the second time he looks at his self. Little does he know Ursla is playing around with him.
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