How to polish hardwood floors

How to polish hardwood floors

How to polish hardwood floors

To add elegance to your house, you should have installed and well maintained hardwood floors. With their smooth surfaces, they have an edge over carpets which trap a lot of dust, stains and allergies. To keep your hardwood floor looking sleek and beautiful, you need to provide it with special care and maintenance. The wax layer can be protected from dust by vacuuming twice a week. Incases where the wood in very dirty, use a little water but ensure to completely dry the hardwood floor surface and polish it later. Use solvent based polish to remove old wax leaving a clean shiny surface.

Due to their longevity, they can be completely revived and be used at home again unlike other items in the house which are normally thrown or replaced with a little damage. The most common way of bringing life back to a dull hardwood floor is normally to polish it up. Once polished, they normally look as good as new. Here are steps you can follow to polish your hardwood floor at home.

Step 1: Cleaning

Do not use a lot of water and other water based solvents in cleaning the floor since they damage the floor. Always use non water based commercial solvents or detergents to clean your hardwood floor and removing stubborn stains. When cleaning the floor off dust and other particles, the best you can do it to use vacuum cleaners and brooms. You can also use the stiff nylon brush to scrub the extremely dirty points.

Step 2: Buffing

Another wonderful way to refinish the floor is buffing hardwood. This step always prepares your hardwood floor for a brand new look every time it is applied. It protects the applied floor polish from cracking and peeling off faster. This process will require that you rent the Buffer machine and ensure you use a screen of not less than 100 grits.

Step 3: Polishing

With the hardwood floor already buffed, you have to do the finishing through the application of polish or wax solution. The paste wax is normally preferred over polish since it protects your wood longer and gives it that extra sleekness. The disadvantage of paste wax is that it is much more difficult to remove as compared to other types of floor finishing or polish incase you want to refinish. It can be very involving and time consuming but with the best results if applied manually. Always ensure that your floor is cleaned and dried before the application of polish. The interval and frequency of the application of wax or polish will largely depend on the age and type of the wood used on the floor together with the amount of human traffic it receives daily.

Generally, you can apply hardwood floor polish once a year or twice depending on your financial ability. Unlike offices where you have to polish twice a year, homes can be polished only once but still maintain their sleek look.