By Juliana Hanski

Jack wild 1952-2006

Who is Jack Wild?

*Jack Wild was a very famous childhood actor that was from the UK.

*Jack Wild was discovered playing football with his older brother Arthur Wild in a park, by manager June Collins.

*Jack Wild and his parents were consulted by June collins about Jacks talent and that there was an upcoming audition for a very Famous movie called Oliver Twist and that Jack could audition for the role of the Artful Doger for the upcoming movie.

*Oliver Twist was the first ever role that Jack played (first movie) in his entire career.

His career Takes off

*Jack was given the script of Oliver Twist just two weeks before they started filming (1968).

*Jack sung a full of two songs in Oliver Twist, that featured Consider yourself and Be Back Soon.

*After Oliver Twist Jack wild was offered a role as a young boy named Jimmy with his magical flute, Freddy, who are shipwrecked onto Living Island. This Show was called H.R. Pufnstuf.

*H.R. Pufnstuf was a tv series in 1969 that only featured 17 episodes. Jack Wild was the main character, this series was a play off the Wizard of Oz. after ending after a short period of time, the series never came to a conclusion therefore leaving Jimmy and Freddy "stranded"

Jack Wild's career takes a Turn

*Jack was very famous after pufnstuf, therefore he became a millionaire by sixteen, but an alcoholic by eighteen.
*At the age of twenty-one he was diagnosed as diabetic. In 2000 he had mouth cancer and could no longer speak at all by 2004.
*Sadly Jack died at the age of fifty-two (2006), but in the last years of his life he wrote to Daniel Radclife, a young Harry Potter at the time and told him not to make the same mistakes he did as a childhood actor.