Pulse of the Pirates

December Newsletter for Plainview Elementary School

Important Dates

  • December 2nd - 1:00 Dismissal - Professional Development

  • December 9th - SAT Day

  • December 16th - 1:00 Dismissal - Professional Development

  • December 17th - Christmas Concerts!!!

  • December 18th - Last Day of First Semester!!

  • December 19th - January 4th - No School - Christmas Break

  • January 4th - No School - Professional Development

  • January 5th - Welcome Back!!

  • January 6th - 1:00 Dismissal - Professional Development

Christmas Program

At this time, with our current risk dial, we are unable to have an ALL ELEMENTARY Christmas Program in person. However, our AMAZING music teachers have found a way to make the night work!!

Preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st grade students will have their concert at 5:30.

Second, Third, and Fourth grade students will have their concert at 6:15.

Fifth and Sixth grade will have their concert at 7:00.

ONLY immediate household family members are able to attend the Christmas concert, and all attendees MUST wear masks the entire time they are inside of the school.

UPDATE(12/16): All elementary concerts will be held in the Tartan Gymnasium due to the need for pre-recorded music and drop mics for elementary singers. We will still live stream the concert!!

All students and families will ENTER through the superintendents entrance on the South side of the HS building and exit through the west doors by the concession stand OR the doors by the locker rooms. Please plan accordingly when you park as the weather will be cold. The reason there will be no families exiting out of the superintendent's doors to allow for the families waiting for the next concert to enter without congestion.

When students come into the building, they will meet their teachers in the lobby area. They will sit with teachers after their performances. You will meet up with your child immediately after perfomances on the gym floor and exit one of the doors. We do ask that any pictures are take AFTER you exit the gym or BEFORE you come to the school.

Gearing Up for Christmas Vacation!

The week before Christmas break can sometimes be a bit confusing, so we want to make sure that everyone is clear on the schedule! Please note - this schedule is for the elementary building. The schedule for the JH/HS building may look different!

Monday (Dec 14th): Regular Schedule!

Spirit Week Theme: Tree Topper…Dig out your favorite holiday hat, headband, reindeer antlers, or elf ears!

Tuesday (Dec 15th): Regular Schedule!

Spirit Week Theme: Christmas Vacation...Hawaiian shirts, hula skirts, sunglasses ... flip-flops if you dare!

Wednesday (Dec 16th): 1:00 Dismissal - Professional Development for Teachers!

Spirit Week Theme: Happy Holla-Dayz...Break out your TACKIEST sweaters, dresses, suits - show us what you’ve got!

Thursday (Dec 17th): Regular Schedule!

Spirit Week Theme: More the Merrier...Bring the whole look together! The sweater, socks, hat/headband, bells!

Friday (Dec 18th): Regular Schedule!

Spirit Week Theme: Class Wars...PreK - 2nd: Wear RED!!! 3rd - 6th: Wear GREEN!!!

Medication While at School

If your child needs any type of medication while at school (from ibuprofen to cough drops), you must fill out a “medication authorization form” form. This form can be found on our school website under the “Nurse’s Corner" or you can get one by calling the office and talking to Patsy.

The form will need to be signed by a parent, and medication will need to come to school in the original bottle (meaning if it is prescription medication it will need to be in the prescription bottle). Medication can not legally be dispensed unless we have a signed authorization form.

All medication will be kept in the office, not in classrooms or in backpacks. Students will come to the office when they need to take any medication.

If you have any questions, feel free to call the school or contact Nurse Beth directly.

Big picture

Report Cards for Second Quarter

Our second quarter (first semester) ends on December 18th. Report cards will be mailed to each student’s home of record after Christmas break. If you have recently moved, please call the office and update your mailing address.

Late Bus Arrival

Sometimes because of the road conditions the buses arrive later than usual. Please assure your child(ren) that they may still eat school breakfast if they so desire. They will not be considered tardy. Students must let us know that they want breakfast though. Otherwise we will not know.

PowerSchool for Parents

Did you know that there is a way for you to stay up to date on your child's school work, grades, and attendance?? You can create a PowerSchool account as a parent and track attendance, grades, and progress reports.

Simply go to: PlainviewSchools.org and click on PowerSchool. Then click on create account (twice). You will need to fill out all information and add all student information for any students enrolled in both buildings. **We will be sending Access ID's and Access PW's home with Report Cards for all elementary students. If you need ID's or PW's for any secondary student, simply call Tami in the office. Once you have filled out all of the information, click enter!

You will now be able to go to PowerSchool and check on your students' records. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office for assistance.

Learning Continues During Non-School Days:

With the vacation days approaching it is important that students keep reading and working on math. I recommend at least 20 minutes of reading and 10-15 minutes of math. These times can be broken up throughout the day, but are so important to ensure that students do not lose the progress that has been made throughout the school year so far.

Ways to Incorporate Reading:

  • Set 10 minutes aside to read a short story with your child before bed.

  • Always have a book handy in the car or book bag so when you are driving somewhere or waiting for an appointment your child will have access to reading material.

  • Have your child create a grocery list and read it while shopping.

  • Play board games with your child and have them read the game cards.

  • Go for a walk (if Mother Nature or Jack Frost allow) and read the signs you see or create your own treasure hunt with clue cards.

Ways to Incorporate Math:

  • Practice flashcards (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division can be made OR printed online).

  • Have your child help with measuring for cooking and baking

  • Grab the paper & cut out ads. They can then add up prices and make a budget for a shopping trip!

  • Grab a map and have your child pick their dream destination. They can then add up the mileage to get there and back. Some bonus math would be figuring the price of gas to get the family there and back.

  • Play board games or grab a deck of cards and play war. Number sense is HUGE in math and war makes you determine if your card is greater or lesser. Remember - make your child do the work!