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November Newsletter ~ December Happenings

November into December

Moving into the month of December I know we're all anxious to enjoy the Christmas season with our families! So many of you partied and had great sales in November and I hope you'll enjoy that extra cash just in time for some shopping or maybe even spoiling yourself a little bit. I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your business moving in December and to not take the month off; not many people quit work for a month at a time then expect to go right back easily do they? It is hard to do! This is a good month for retail sales and generally sharing your business and the opportunity with those around you. With Ready Set Sell beginning along with the January specials on December 30 there's no time like the present to keep offering the December specials but also setting yourself up for the weeks ahead that'll count towards your Ready Set Sell initiative (hello, free spring products!). Partying in January you'll be able to offer special deals on the hostess exclusives, give your party goers a last chance to purchase their favorites from the current catalog, and book those parties for Feb and March and offer them the first glance of spring when they book their party with you! Keep making those contacts and following up now, consider selling off some older product from your stash to purchase some things during RSS that'll carry over into spring you can show that's newer in an updated pattern, even have your own New Year New You organization party using the great specials being offered in January! There are loads of possibilities so hone in on what you want to do for your business in the next month and make your plans. This month can go by super fast as we all know! Personally, reorganizing my home office and getting ready for a catalog change will take a bit of time but is always a refreshing thing to get done and gives me new excitement for what lies ahead. I hope you'll feel that same energy.

Merry Christmas!


Let's CER the ladies who worked hard this last month!

Team Sales: $3, 659.00

Total Parties: 11

New Team Members: 1

WELCOME once again to our newest team member, Amy Crow, sponsored by Lisa Lewis!

Top PV ($600+):

Tammy Burrell, $684.00

Lisa Lewis, $616.00

Nice job, ladies!!!!

Party Girls:

Christina Muir, 2

Tammy Burrell, 2

Lisa Lewis, 2

Jennifer Valine, 1

Party on! Way to go!

Look Who Was Selling:

Brandi Clegg

Casey Norris

Shannon Engle

Tammy Burrell

Sandra McGuire

Jennifer Valine

Lisa Lewis

Christina Muir

Keep it up!!!

Stephanie's Stats:

PV: $1,419.00

Parties: 4

Recruits: 0

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