CSLA Newsletter

February/March 2015

In this issue:

  • CUE summit with Kathy Schrock
  • CSLA Board elections
  • Looking forward to the next annual conference
  • New president for the California School Library Foundation
  • Award for one of our own at ALA
  • CSLA Southern Region professional development opportunities
  • Using the CSLA video to promote your library
  • News from the California Dept. of Education

Report from the President

by Liz Dodds

The weather celebrated with us as we partied at our Conference Centennial Celebration Gala with much-needed rain and winds! It was a dramatic evening, and not just because of the storm! Anne Wick’s prosecco, chocolates, and cake were sparkling and classy. Glen Warren’s piano music was delightful and too short! The ukulele accompaniment to “Happy Birthday CSLA” by Barbara Jeffus, Connie Williams, and Kathie Maier cried out for an encore (maybe at a future conference?). The slide show, Ella Morgan video, and program put together by John McGinnis and Barbara Jeffus was legendary. They have also created an online timeline of CSLA, a Leadership Archive (you can contribute information), and a Motions Archive. All of this can be found at http://archives.csla.net/.

Delaine Eastin, a former California State Superintendent of Public Instruction, delivered a stirring message and practically had everyone on their feet with school library enthusiasm. We had outstanding and inspiring general session presentations from Michelle Luhtala, Shannon Miller, Greg Lucas, and Bob Wise.

Thank you to everyone who made this conference so memorable, especially to the hard-working conference committee and co-chairs Beth Olshewsky and Terri Brown. You can check the webpage for presentations and handouts at http://bit.ly/csla100 where many presenters have made their materials available.

Next up, the CUE/ CSLA Information Literacy Summit on March 21, delivered as part of the Palm Springs CUE Conference. Speakers include Kathy Schrock, and CSLA members Deborah Stanley, Janice Gilmore-See, and Glen Warren.

2015 Conference Sponsors

These companies were major underwriters for CSLA’s 2015 State Conference!
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Looking Forward to the Next Annual Conference

Beth Olshewsky, CSLA President Elect

Doorways to Diversity: CSLA 2016 Annual Conference, San Diego, CA, February 4-7, 2016

As we wrap up a successful Centennial Celebration, I find myself already anticipating the next conference in our new century, Doorways to Diversity, next February in San Diego. Through our school libraries, we open the door for students to a diversity of perspectives, new ideas, and divergent thinking and invite them to be active participants in the resulting debate that arises. They learn to critically interpret disparate media types and consider issues as creators and communicators about how to use diversified media ethically and creatively to relay their developing ideas.

We have a diversity of students that we serve. They need to see reflections of the myriad ways in which people are diverse in the literature and information they encounter. They need to see someone like themselves for self-validation of conditions and possibilities, and they also need to see the world beyond their everyday lives, openings into other’s realities, developing those empathic connections. Through our doorways, they become aware of multicultural diversity and global consciousness. They develop awareness of diverse personal choices and social realities that they may not otherwise encounter, from GLBTQ awareness to eye opening encounters with socioeconomic conditions in the world around them, inspiring them to become agents of change. Often the school library is the first and sometimes only doorway that opens to that child who finds themselves different, who needs information outside the mainstream, or who wants to make a difference for themselves and others.

Students see new possibilities through our library doors, for themselves and the world around them. They develop personal passions as they discover new horizons through our resources. Opening these new futures for individual students and for the communities they will impact and inviting them to step through the doorway into the rest of their life is one of our greatest joys we experience in education.

In addition to doorways of the mind, our school library spaces themselves, both physical and virtual, are diverse, and the doorways they provide are rapidly changing to be more responsive to students’ needs. There are many different visions that we see when we think of our school library Doorways to Diversity. I hope that considering different aspects, including those new potentials that you see beyond those mentioned in this short article will enrich your work with your students. Thank you for the work you do everyday, opening those doorways; we know they can sometimes feel heavy and in need of massive construction and support, as well as also being filled with light and promise for your students.

CSLA Board Elections: Voting opens April 1st

Please watch your email for your invitation to vote. Electronic voting will take place April 1st - April 7th. We have several positions with more than one nominee. We will announce the elected officers on April 9th.

State Positions and Nominations:

President-elect - Sue Heraper

Vice President, Communications - Rosan Cable

Vice President, Membership - Terry Lai or Yvonne Weinstein

Treasurer - Christine Miller

Northern Region Positions and Nominations:

President-elect: none

Section 1: Adoria Williams

Section 2: Andrea J. Catania

Section 3: Lindy Santellan or Terri Brown

Section 4: none

Treasurer: Renee Ousley-Swank

Southern Region Positions and Nominations:

President Elect: Kathleen Sheppard

President: Sharlene Paxton

Immediate Past President: Sondra Keckley

Secretary: Regina Powers

Section 1: Mindy Wilmot

Section 2: none

Section 3: none

Section 4: Regina Powers

Section 5: none

Section 6: Victoria Waddle

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Information Literacy to be Focus of CSLA/CUE Summit at CUE 2015 Annual Conference

Information literacy - the ability to assess the need for information, access information sources effectively and efficiently, evaluate information for accuracy and quality, and use it appropriately - is a cross-disciplinary skill crucial for college and career readiness and a foundation for lifelong learning.

CSLA is pleased to partner with CUE for the second year in a special day long summit in conjunction with the CUE 2015 Annual Conference in Palm Springs, CA. Information literacy, the theme for this year’s summit, is an area of focus in teacher librarians’ credentialing. The Summit will take place on Saturday, March 21, 2015 on the last day of the CUE 2015 Annual Conference. Registration for the Summit is included in all CUE conference registrations, including the Saturday-only rate.

This year’s Summit features special guest speaker Kathy Schrock.

Kathy Schrock has been a school district Director of Technology, an instructional technology specialist, a middle school, academic, museum, and a public library librarian. She is currently an online adjunct graduate-level professor at two universities and an independent educational technologist.

Schrock’s session at the Summit is titled The Common Thread: Weaving Information Literacy Skills to Engage Learners . Schrock will also be presenting at other sessions on Thursday and Friday during the CUE conference.

Additional Summit speakers include CSLA members:

  • Deborah Stanley on The Importance of Research Teaching in a Common Core Digital World

  • Janice Gilmore-See on Getting to DOK 4: Depth of Knowledge and Information Literacy; and

  • Glen Warren on Uncommon Core: Advancing Student Centered Learning through Gaming and Information Literacy

In addition to the Saturday Summit, CSLA members presenting sessions on Thursday include:

  • Jane Lofton on Blogging Across the Curriculum: Inspire Student Voice, Address Common Core

  • Jane Lofton with Gail Desler on Can I Use That? Fair Use for the Remix Generation

Links to session information for the Summit will be posted at csla.net/ilc. To tweet about the summit, use hashtag #cueils.

CA Department of Education

Renée Ousley-Swank

CDE Library Survey FYI

Thank you to the school sites, districts, and counties that took the time to complete the California Library Survey. The data you collected and submitted online can be valuable to you as you work to strengthen your collections in support of the rigors of the CCSS.

Nearly 43 percent of the schools from which we could potentially collect library data completed the school library survey. Data can be used to encourage policymakers to fully fund strong library programs. Remember, you can look at the data submitted for your school anytime here .

Our plan is to open the survey again in August this year, to collect data about the current (2014-15) school year. Keep this in mind as this school year begins to wind down.

We continue to gather your comments and suggestions. When the survey opens again, we hopefully will have reworked and updated the questions. One of your suggestions has been to collect data about the average age of a Dewey classification other than 973, perhaps something in the sciences. If you have other comments or suggestions for updating the survey, please contact me directly at ROusleySwank@cde.ca.gov I will gladly entertain your suggestions.

Lyris School Library Forum Launched

In February I launched a Lyris broadcast list to contact districts and schools across the state and alert them about the California Library Survey. Finding library contact information on the websites of county offices of education, districts, and schools has been a difficult and cumbersome process. The Lyris broadcast list will allow me to more efficiently distribute information. At this time I am using the list only to broadcast information; in the future I may use it to create a fully interactive forum.

Please send me an e-mail request to be added to the distribution list and please encourage others to do the same at ROusleySwank@cde.ca.gov. I hope to grow this list so I can contact schools, districts, and county offices of education in a more-timely manner to increase the number of responses to the survey.

Oregon State Board of Education adopts Library Standards

On January 22, 2015 the Oregon Department of Education Board adopted the Oregon School Library Standards. The standards committee will be meeting soon to develop the next steps; at this time it is unclear what impact the standards will have on school library programs. Congratulations to Oregon on taking this important first step!

English Language Arts/English Language Development Framework

In Chapter 11: “Implementing High-Quality ELA/Literacy and ELD Instruction: Professional Learning, Leadership, and Program Supports”, the new ELA/ELD Framework clearly indicates that teacher candidates need to be exposed to the Model School Library Standards. The framework states the following:

Initial preparation and induction provide the canvas for future professional learning and leadership. Excellent teacher-preparation programs underscore subject matter expertise and provide opportunities for teacher candidates to apply their learning of theory and pedagogy in real classrooms under the supervision of an experienced mentor (Lenski, Grisham, and Wold 2006; NCATE 2010). The career continuum proposed above begins during teacher preparation, but initial preparation programs and paths of entry to teaching may vary. Teaching expertise improves with ongoing professional learning, and teachers prepared in alternative certification programs may need additional professional learning. The ELA/ELD Framework, the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy, the CA ELD Standards, the Model School Library Standards (CDE 2011) and other appropriate content standards should form an integral part of preparation programs.

Southern Region Section 1 Event on March 7

Google Workshop and an Author Talk - March 7, 2015

On a hot and sunny Santa Barbara day, 14 attendees, including nine teacher librarians and five classroom teachers gathered for a half day of technology learning and an Author Talk. CSLA's Southern Section Section 1 representatives, Marsha Barr and Mindy Wilmot, hosted Steve Miller, one of CSLA's Southern Section Section 2 representatives. Steve, a teacher librarian for Cesar Chavez Learning Academies in San Fernando, CA, presented two Google workshops, one on Google Drive and another on Google Forms. All attendees appreciated his information and will take back to their prospective schools two hours of professional development.

We enjoyed snacks and then heard from author Catherine Linka. She is the author of A Girl Called Fearless and the upcoming sequel (out June 23, 2015) A Girl Undone. Ms. Linka writes that "she was almost thrown out of high school for questioning authority and now she does it in books. A passionate traveler, she has visited Iceland, the Amazon, and the Arctic Ocean, and during these travels she has seen six types of whales and hung out with penguins in Antarctica." Her talk was emotional as well as inspirational. Check out her website . She graciously donated one of her books for our giveaway raffle, which also included two other gift cards.

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Southern Region Section 6 Event On April 4

by Sondra Keckley

CSLA Southern Region, Section 6 announces it's spring professional development event on Saturday, April 4, 10 AM - 12PM, at the Community Room at Louis Robidoux Library, 5840 Mission Boulevard, Riverside, CA 92509

Cati Porter, the director of the Inlandia Institute, will discuss what the nonprofit organization offers to Inland readers, writers, youth and educators. Inlandia's mission is to recognize, support and expand all forms of literary activity through community programs in Inland Southern California, thereby deepening people’s awareness, understanding, and appreciation of this unique, complex and creatively vibrant region. Most recently, they published a book about the integration of Riverside schools in the 60s. CSLA members attending will receive $10 credit toward purchase of an Inlandia publication. You can find out more about Inlandia by checking out their website.

But wait... there's MORE!!

Isabel Quintero, author of Gabi: A Girl in Pieces will speak about her YA novel and experience as an Inland area writer. From the book jacket: “Sixteen-year-old Gabi Hernandez chronicles her senior year in high school as she copes with her friend Cindy's pregnancy, friend Sebastian's coming out, her father's meth habit, her own cravings for food and cute boys, and especially, the poetry that helps forge her identity.”

Please join us for this special event and find out more about the growing literary presence of the Inland Empire in literature. Note that this is a CSLA membership benefit, there is no cost to CSLA members for this event. All CSLA members are invited to attend.

Southern Region Section 2 Event On April 11-- YALLWEST!

West Coast Young Adult Book Fest

Saturday, April 11 - Santa Monica High School and Santa Monica Public Library

Register here.

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School Libraries: A Place at the Table

View the article by Victoria Waddle that appeared in the Press-Enterprise here.

2015 Library Instruction Round Table Award Winners Announced

The Library Instruction Round Table is pleased to announce this year’s award winners to be celebrated at ALA Annual Conferemce:

2015 Librarian Recognition Award - Dr. Lesley S. J. Farmer, California State University Long Beach
2015 Innovation in Instruction Award – Claremont Colleges Library, Claremont, CA

Congratulations to this year’s winners and thank you to all nominators and nominees for the work you do in making information literacy instruction a priority! We hope to see you at the LIRT Awards Ceremony in San Francisco!

Sherri Brown
2015 LIRT Awards Committee Chair – ALA

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Tom Kaun Elected as California School Library Foundation President

Tom Kaun Elected as California School Library Foundation President

The California School Library Foundation has chosen Tom Kaun to serve as its new President. Existing President Lesley Farmer was appointed as the new Chair of the CSLA Standards and Curriculum Integration Committee, so stepped down from the Foundation office to open up the leadership base. She will continue to serve on the Foundation Board.

Tom Kaun has served on the Foundation Board of Directors since its re-activation in 2012. He has worked on donations guidance, and liaisons with Northern California independent book sellers. He is also an active member of the Friends of the Oakland Public School Libraries.

Tom recently retired as the Teacher Librarian at Redwood High School in Marin County, and previously worked as a TL at Castro Valley High School and in private school libraries. Tom is also active in the International Association of School Librarianship where he chairs the Information Literacy SIG.

The Foundation will be well served with Tom Kaun as its leader, and the Foundation will continue to support California school libraries and CSLA.

Thomas T. Kaun, School library advocate


Friends of the Oakland Public Schools Facebook

Promoting School Libraries through CSLA’s Video

By Lesley Farmer


Hopefully by now you have viewed CSLA’s promotional video (shown below).

Does everyone around you know about it? Have they discussed it with you? Have you found ways to make the vision of the video a reality at your school, district, and county?

Here are more than a dozen ways to promote school libraries through the video.

Post the URL on the library portal. Point out ways that “your” school library personifies the video vision.

  1. Have students create and display posters about the school library program, and insert a QR code to the video.

  2. Share it with students, and ask them how they use the library. What would get them to use the library more productively?

  3. Share it at a faculty meeting. Discuss ways to collaborate to bring about optimum learning.

  4. Share it at your school’s Back to School Night or Open House, and hold a forum about ways for the school community to support the school library.

  5. Show it at a Site Council meeting to discuss ways to allocate resources to support the school library.

  6. Show it at a district’s administrators meeting. Compare school library programs, and discuss ways to support library programs at the district level; focus on equitable resources and services.

Does Your School Have a Teacher Librarian? A CSLA Film

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