January 19, 2016

First Meeting of Semester 2!

Our first meeting of semester 2 will be on Tuesday, February 2nd :)

The cost of Flight Club is again $20. This will cover snacks and beverages at every meeting, as well as, materials for the different activities that we do.


This semester, I will be sending home a weekly newsletter! This will contain pictures, as well as, important information regarding upcoming Flight Clubs :)


Team Challenges

Building Challenges

Acting Challenges

Students will choose a topic that they want to dive into the semester! At every meeting we will spend time researching this topic. At the conclusion of this semester we will have a "Flight Club" showcase (more information to come)!!!

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Note from Mrs. Lane

I absolutely loved getting to work with your child last semester! I cannot wait for this semester to unfold! If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to email or call.

EMAIL: lanev@nashvillechristian.org

PHONE: 615-356-5600 ext. 180