By Hannah H

From the Past

Radios were the first wireless communication device. Radios sent waves instead of using wires. Radios send signals and sound through radio waves. A man named Gugliemo Marconi Invented the first radio. He called it "the wireless telegraph". He started experimenting with it in his parents' attic while he was young.Below is a picture of a radio from the 1930's.
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The Inventor

It was 1874-1937 in Marconi's time. Marconi shared his Nobel Prize in Physics for his radio work in 1909. Marconi was born in 1874 in Bologna, Italy. In 1894, Marconi was interested in "invisible waves" generated by electromagnet interactions. He built his own wave-generating equipment, and was soon sending signals to places a mile away. Marconi didn't interest the Italian government with his work, so he tried luck again in London. When Marconi traveled to England when he was 22, many were interested. Marconi traveled to the United States, and his radio grew even more popular. Below is a picture of Marconi.
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How the Radio Has Changed

There is a huge difference from the first radio ever made and the radios we use in our lives. The old radio could only pick up signals from a mile away. Our radios can go to many channels. The old radio looks like a wooden box. Our radios don't even have to be single. They can come in a car, an alarm clock, and other devices. We listen to different things on a radio than they did back then. The quality is also very different. Below is a picture of a car radio.
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