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"Are YOU Ready to Study the World"

Facts About Being A Geologist

  • You have to travel very far distances.
  • You must adapt to different lifestyles and working conditions.
  • Job seeker will find good job opportunities.
  • You will earn about $68,570 per year.
  • You will explore and map different land forms around the world.
  • You study and identity different rocks,minerals, and fossil fuels.
  • You will mostly research in one area of study so you will mostly study one type of thing.
  • They study the worlds structure and composition.
  • You will need a masters degree or higher.
  • You will also will have to adapt to working with different people all the time. So for your jobs you could be working with different people all the time.
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Pro's about being a Geologist


  1. Job seekers will find good job opportunities.
  2. You can help solve mysteries and questions by finding new things.
  3. You can earn more money for certain things you can find because of price and demand for certain things such as resources.

Con's about being a Geologist

  1. You will have to travel very far distances and you could go places where there may be illnesses and low living conditions.
  2. You will end up being forced to adapt to different life styles and working conditions. This will mean you will Aldo's have to change the way you live and work.
  3. You will always be working with different people so you will have to work with people you do and don't like.

High School information about becoming a Geologist

You will have to take high school classes that meet the collage entrance requirements. In high school I would take physics,chemistry, and biology. The most important class in high school would be physics because it is involved with chemistry and biology and they both study the earth and all different thing and properties within earth. A non science class that would be helpful to take is a foreign language. This will be important because you will always be traveling and also be communicating to different people and they may not speak english. I can take all of these classes when I am at Bay Port.

College information about becoming a Geologist

I will have to do field work,thesis for a masters degree. Preliminary exams for a doctorate degree only. Dissertation and dissertation defense for a doctoral degree. Computer skills are essential. You can expect to do a lot of data analysis. You will also need strong oral and written communication skills. You often need to write technical reports and give presentations in many positions. Take a course in public speaking, if available. A knowledge of a second language would be helpful. Many jobs require foreign travel. They offer of require summer field camps, it a good opportunity for hands experience. During graduate school you will have to choose a specific area to specialize in. Some geoscientists spend a large part of their time conducting field research in remote locations. Others work mainly in labs or offices. You can do different programs to study and see the behaviors of rocks,minerals and fluids...Graduates usually focus on one area of study.

Association Information

American geoscience institute

4220 King Street


The Geological Society of America

3300 Penrose Place


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Do you like to do studies and research things like rocks,minerals, and fossil fuels? Do you like to travel and see different environments? If you do like to research and discover new things you should think about being a geologist. If you are looking for a jobs you will find good job opportunities. You can earn about $60,000 to $100,000. You should take classes that meet collage entrance requirements. Most have a master's degree or higher. You mostly work alone but will still work in teams. When you travel you must adapt to different lifestyles,and working conditions. If you are interested in become a geologist contact us at


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