Stephen Krantz

All About Me

Awards That I Have Recieved

Defensive Player Award for football, A/B Honoral throughout Elementary School, Middle School, and High School, District Champion for football, Master Angler Award for catching a trophy Smallmouth Bass in South Dakota, A Game Ball for pitching a no hitter in baseball


The jobs that I have had and currently have are working the Front Desk for Premier Prospects, and also The Grooming Place. I worked at Premier Prospects as a temporary employee. It was located in Lewisville, Texas and what my position there was to work the front desk and to pick up around the place to make sure it was always clean. The Grooming Place is a local grooming place for any kinds of dogs or cats. My position there is to make sure that all of the dogs and cats are washed and dried before or after they've been groomed. The Grooming Place is located in Flower Mound, Texas.


Extracuricular Activities


The extracuricular activities that I have done/still currently doing are lacrosse, football, baseball, basketball, the guitar, and singing. The two things that I am still doing from that list are guitar and singing. The guitar is my getaway from everything that ever brings me down and singing is just a way that I can express myself. The whole reason why I chose to play the guitar and sing is because music has always been a huge inspiration in my life and I enjoy both; singing and playing the guitar, very much. The reason why I don't play sports anymore is because I had a severe laceration in my spleen that caused me to start bleeding internally.