Cocktail making workshop

Team Building

Cocktail Making Workshop

An interactive masterclass where you become the mixologist, learning all there is to know about classic and contemporary cocktails.

This activity is specially designed for the cocktail novice and comprises of a two hour cocktail making class with a specially trained bartenders taking the role as teacher. ‘Students’ are talked through the tools of the bartender, free-pouring skills, history of cocktails, how to be an efficient bartender and detailed information on spirits, not forgetting the opportunity to make (and drink!) your own creations of new and classic cocktails.

Durations: 1 hour to full day

Requirements: A suitable indoor area

Team Building Benefits: Cocktail Making Workshops can help enhance communication, encourage team bonding, boost morale within the workplace and inspire and motivate staff

What’s Included? Professional Mixologist, all cocktail ingredients and cocktail-making equipment (glassware available on request if not already at venue)

Additional Extras: Professional photographer or videographer to capture the activity

Commercials: Rs 50,000 - 70,000