Proposal Submission

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Call for Proposals

PA Leadership Charter School is seeking proposals for the August professional development conference. This year's theme is "Teaching Above the Line" - focusing on how we all go above and beyond into redefining education.

Conference Details

This year's conference will be only two days. All vendor sessions will be given on a separate day. For a successful conference, we hope to be able to have our teachers presenting material that is pertinent to them and their peers.

Presentations can take the form of a hands-on workshop, seminar or knowledge sharing. We encourage all of our presenters to create an interactive experience that is highly engaging. We welcome presentation proposals by individuals, pairs, or groups.

Why should you present? Because you are the expert! Create a presentation to share with your peers. Tweet about it, blog about it, add it to your resume!

Presenters will also be compensated for the time they spend preparing their presentation. Hour-long presentations (seminars, knowledge sharing) will be compensated at a rate of $75; Hands-On Workshops will be compensated at a rate of $100.

New Proposals

Our teachers are the experts, and should feel free to submit any proposal for presentation at our conference that embraces the theme of "Teaching Above the Line." This could be something you worked on for an ILP or a CPP, or something you learned at a conference and would like to share.

Submit Your Proposal

Your Professional Development Committee 2015

Please feel free to contact a member of the Professional Development Committee if you have questions about this process.

Committee members for 2015 are:

Danielle Smith (Elementary), Megan Pfaff (Elementary), Melissa Chizik (MS), Sarah Boccasini (MS), Brittany King (HS), Kevin Grier (HS), Angela Owarzani (HS), Sue Kelley (Interventionist), Deborah Kulp-Woodruff (Sped), Jess Bergmaier (Guidance), KC Testerman (USP), Mary Beth Stefanski (USP), Lisa Bennett (CPFA), Jeanne McCarthy (LT), Julin Sharp (LT), Scott Van Vooren (LT), Valerie Harris (LT), Joyce Good (LT)

Committee Facilitator: Erin Keefe