Thirty-One Fundraiser for Cindy

Proceeds will be donated to Cindy Atkins


Cindy is a single mother in Spring Hill with two children, ages 7 and 10, going through chemo and radiation treatment for breast cancer. She has already had surgery and has bills from the surgery center along with all the tests that were not covered by her insurance. The bills far exceed her $7500 a year deductible. Cindy is a veteran of the US Air Force reserves and does not receive any assistance or child support. While she normally works enough to cover her expenses, she has had to reduce her work load and has lots more expenses from medications and weekly treatments. She has needed to choose between medical expenses and mortgage payments.

Shop for Cindy

Thirty-One is a rewarding and giving company. After hearing about my neighbor's struggles, I decided I would like to help! I am donating my commission (25% of sales) to Cindy for her use for medical bills. Please consider helping Cindy by shopping! It is that easy: you shop and Cindy gets that much needed help. View our catalog and shop online at Don't forget to shop in Cindy's party under 'my events.'