Savvy Summer Scavengers

June 14th through August 31st


1) Snap as many photos that match the themes below as you can. Prizes will be award for most ridiculous, best photography, and most Milford Hills spirit.

2) Tweet your photos with #mhumc #savvysummerscavengers. If you don't use twitter or have a way to upload photos, email your photos to me or drop them by my office and I’ll scan them.

3) Be sure to ask people’s permission to take a photo with them. Tell them it’s for a scavenger hunt and will be posted to the Milford Hills UMC youth group’s twitter account (@MHUMCyouth).

4) Keep it clean. If your photo is considered questionable whether language, clothing, etc., I reserve the right to delete it.

5) If you don’t have a way to take pictures, no worries. Call me up, and we’ll get a group together to do some scavenging around town. Taking silly pictures is a great reason to hang out with friends!

Photo Themes

1) Picture with the oldest person in the church

2) Picture with the youngest person in the church

3) Something that glows in the dark

4) Getting a bite to eat at your favorite place

5) Wear a costume in a public place! Who says costumes are just for Halloween?!

6) Strike a pose with a statue!

7) Showing your team spirit!

8) Bustin' a move

9) Dressed in something you’d never wear

10) Picture with a train

11) Picture with the person who has taught you the most about your faith

12) Picture with a shut-in from the church

13) Planking in downtown Salisbury

14) Picture with a church staff member

15) Picture with your best friend(s)

16) Spell a word with your bodies

17) Picture of you wearing a Milford Hills UMC t-shirt on vacation

18) Riding a bike that is way too small for you

19) Your best fake, workout pose

20) Hiding in an awkward place

21) Wildcard (Do what ya want!)