Fourth Grade enVision Math Topic 12

Measurement Units and Conversions

The Lead Team is providing you with extra information for each six weeks. Here you will find anchor charts, videos, games, and websites that can assist your classroom teaching instruction with your students.


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Here you have the link to log into our enVision Math book. Our book has many resources. It also has an introductory video(known as visual learning) for every lesson. (After log in, go to programs, select book, tools, ACTIVe book, choose your lesson, and finally visual learning)

enVision Math Book

Think Through Math

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The Measurements Song
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Lesson 12-10 Units of Time

Students solve problems that deal with measurements of length, intervals of time, liquid volumes, mass, and money using addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division as appropriate. TEKS 4.8C *RS

Lesson 12-11 Problem Solving: Analyze Relationships

Students analyze mathematical relationships to connect and communicate mathematical ideas. TEKS 4.1F *PS

Topic 12

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