1st/2ndHand Account of Dog Training

By: Alaina Borgmann

Tips To Train Your Dog

Firsthand Account:

I had to train my dog for a few weeks to get him to do the things he needs to do. First I have to listen to my dog, like if my dog appears to be uncomfortable meeting another dog, animal or person don't insist that he or she says hello. My dog probably does not want to meet them so leave your dog alone so he or she does not get angry or something else. I can also tell him or her to do want I want them to do. Dogs don't generalize well, so if my dog jumps on someone to say hello and say no, he or she might jump higher and they might jump to the left instead of the right or right instead of left. When I trained my dog how to take a walk with him i had to find a collar that would fit him perfectly and then I bought a leash for my dog and first I walked around the house with him so he could get used to it. Then once he started to get the hang of it, we went outside in my backyard and start walking around things. Once he gets used to that I walked him on the sidewalk to a park and back with my mom. He is much better about everything now and he is well behaved.

Train Your Dog To Do Tricks

Secondhand Account:

When I trained my dog, it is tricky but it was worth it because it is hilarious and silly. The first trick that I taught my dog was to get a treat and put it in one of my hands and show it to him, then I shake it in my hands. Once I did that, I told him which hand it was it. He usually doesn't get it the couple of times, but he will get it pretty fast. Next is how to train your dog to put his or her toys away. First, you get a large box or basket, The, gather your dogs toys in a pile next to the box or basket. Next, your say " take it, " then " bring it, " and " drop it " into the basket. Once you do that, your click and give him or her a treat, and keep on doing that if his or her toys are out. Next one is pretty entertaining. You can teach your dog to jump rope! First, put your dog on a table. Ask him to jump. Click and treat. Your dog should stay in the same place and not fall off the table. Tie the jump rope to another object. Then, let your dog get used to the jump rope by moving it back and forth. Next, swing it over, but not all the way. Then your dog will get scared and try to do it.



First, one talks about training to behave and the other one talks about the tricks that your can train your dog. The one with the behaving, it does not have treats to teach your dog have to behave better. The trick one has treats to give to your dog if the dog does the trick right. The behave one does not tell you what to do by one by one, but on the other hand, the trick paragraph does tell you one by one directions. Now on the other hand, They both do have sayings to tell your dog what to do and what not to do. They also do tell you that they do one thing at a time. Also, they talk about how to do it and not just do this and that.That is pretty much it with compare and contrast.