Th characters are Raina , Jenny , Emily , Karin , Mom of Raina , doctor , Kelli .


The setting is in the dentist ,house of Jill, school, and house of Raina.


the conflict is that Riana got her tooth fixes so she don't get no more braces . And have her tooth nice.

plot event

This book is about Raina ,Raina is a girl that goes to girl scout . One day the mom of Kelli drop Raina home Kelli ,Raina they were runing and Raina feel so she feel and Raina said nothing happen so she saw something blead from her mouth and 2 teeth broke, So she handed to go to the dentist to get her teeth ficks the doctor said she haded to were braces. So she did got braces and the next day every one was asking her if she was ok. So they told her to open her mouth so she did.Also when se headed dentist appointment they haded to take her braces of and but fake tooth and on top she haded to have her braces again.

3 significant quotes

1- "After that I would have to start seeing my parents dentist Dr Miller" ( page 208 )

2- " Dr Golden put the tooth that fell out back in place and pulled the other one down from out of my fun ( where it was stuck) (page 14)

3- " it made sense to wait until winter break to pull out my teeth ... Then , at least, I wouldn't miss any school. Still , that meant I had weeks and weeks to worry about it" (page 87)