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Curriculum Corner

It is with our greatest excitement that we share Building Hope's latest update

Building Hope and the OSCS administration invite students and their families to an open house at the new campus on Tuesday, Oct. 15 in the late afternoon/evening.


Special Bus Transportation Information for Next Week (Oct 7)

**Starting Monday Oct 7th new bus location**


To help families ease into their commuting routine to and from the new campus, Building Hope is moving the transportation depot to a site across from the John Young campus. Beginning this Monday, Oct. 7, families using the temporary bus service should drop off students at 1900 Ball Park Road in Kissimmee. The site is across the street from the new campus, next to LA Fitness.

Buses will leave the Ball Park Road depot for the temporary campuses at 7:20 AM. In the afternoon, buses will depart for the depot at dismissal, and an evening bus will continue for students in after-care. Morning care and after-care will continue at the temporary campuses until the new campus opens on Oct. 16.

Families will follow the same pick-up and drop-off procedures that have been in use at Osceola Heritage Park. Instructions and a map of the new site will be emailed directly to transportation depot families and will be available on paper at pick-up today.

The transportation depot at Osceola Heritage Park will be discontinued after evening pick-up on Friday, Oct. 4. Building Hope thanks Osceola Heritage Park for letting their facility serve as the transportation depot.

As always reach out with questions and concerns to osceolascience@bhope.org or call 321-868-9544

Open enrollment for 2020-2021

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your student(s) in Osceola Science Charter School! Osceola Science Charter School is a STEM-focused, tuition-free, K-8 public charter school. We are here to serve our community by offering a unique educational experience that prepares students for college and the careers of the future. Please utilize the link below to access our online application.

Red Ribbon week is coming up

Check out our red ribbon week flyer below

Oct 28- Nov 1st

i-Ready + Study Island + Nightly reading

As our school year is progressing quickly, it is important for students to reinforce learned skills through our interactive platforms; Study Island & i-Ready. We also encourage our students to spend time reading leisurely because our improved reading comprehension and vocabulary translate to the classroom.

New Campus Aftercare Information

Our Aftercare staff is looking forward to being all together in the new school. If you think your child/children may be joining before care or aftercare in the new building will you please let me know by emailing me at at sara.grinder@osceolascience.org. I will also have an interest sign up available at both locations during aftercare next week. Please keep in mind that aftercare will not be free at the new location.

Aftercare payments will begin October 21, 2019

o Registration Fee of $25.

o Before care only is $50 per student per month (no discount for additional students)

or an annual fee of $500.

o Aftercare only is $180 per student per month ($108 for each additional sibling)

or an annual fee of $1650 ($1000 for each additional sibling)

o Before care and Aftercare is $205 per month ($133 for each additional sibling)

or an annual fee of $1900 ($1250 for each additional sibling).

o Daily emergency use is $20 per day.

o Before care begins at 6:45 am (free drop-off is at 7:30 am)

o Aftercare is from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

​In order to be eligible for before care or aftercare each family must submit two forms (available from either campus upon request). One form is the registration form. The second form in the Automatic Payment form. Payment will be taken out at the beginning of each month. If you have filled these out at the beginning of the year don't worry we still have them and will be confirming with you in the next couple of weeks. Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns at sara.grinder@osceolascience.org.

Updates from the classroom

Mr. Mcclellan's Science Corner

Check this out!

This week Mr. McClellan's young scientists have been exploring introductory chemistry with terms such as solute, solvents and solutions in several classes. Wow! Look at that green slime smoothie. Students have also continued to explore not only the water cycle but some of the properties of water such as surface tension observations. There was a group of fifth grade boys exploring magnetic induction with paper clips, magnets and staples - as this group of boys (photo) are discovering. Then the students are beginning to work on writing up the scientific method of some of these experiments in their science journals taking their data and making a table with their data. They concluded that the more they stroked the paper clip with a magnet, the magnetic attraction increases as well - and proved their hypothesis was correct, noting this in their conclusions. Experiments should be replicable and often backed up by measurable data!

Some of the fourth graders explored space traveling in a space ship around our solar system, then made observation on our lunar eclipses. They stood around a lamp representing the sun and had to hold up a poster board moon phase at the appropriate place in the lunar cycle. They also saw demonstrations of solar and lunar eclipses. Learning science is an amazing journey for these young scientists.

Big picture

Sharks Sports Center