December Newsletter

Happy Holidays

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This month in Mrs. Fera's class...


This month in language the students will be introduced to writing summaries and identifying main ideas. They will be working on in-class activities, as well be assigned a book to read this month. For their individual books students are expected to recall parts of the plot diagram and determine which element they are reading in the story, identify key events, make connections and predictions.

Their culminating task will involve students summarizing each chapter of their book and identifying the main idea.

Coming soon!

Check the student website this month for student-made websites featuring their mystery stories! As well as, their fingerprint art created using photoshop and pictures from their mystery party!

Students working together to learn how to photoshop for editing their art piece to go along with their narrative mystery stories.


In math this month students will begin patterning and algebra. They will be identifying geometric patters, input output tables, creating expressions and solving for variables.

The unit will consist of activities in class and short quizzes.


Students are continuing to learn about Biodiversity this month. They are currently learning about invasive species. Students are completing a research assignment about one invasive species in Canada and creating trading cards for each one.

Balmoral Cafe

Students have been helping with putting together the Balmoral Cafe. The Balmoral cafe is open everyday after school beginning December 9th. Balmoral Cafe offers flavoured hot chocolate, grilled sandwiches and desserts, ranging from $0.50 to $2.00. Under my supervision, students design menus, make the hot chocolate, food and desserts, take orders, be responsible for inventory, keeping track of expenses and profit etc.
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Social Studies

Students will be studying present day communities in Canada. They will be completing an individual research project on a cultural community and its impact on Canadian Identity.
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Students will be completing a brochure on healthy lifestyle. It will include information about eating, sleeping, physical activity, and stress management.


Students have just completed a unit on reading notes, both treble and bass clef. Students will be required to get a recorder for the new year as that is their next unit of study. If your child does not have one, please ensure your child submits their name to me before the winter break.
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