Point of View Scene Sketch

Rondrick Stubblefield

Family's Adobe Cottage

The cottage is significant to Ernesto because when he says."I showed up in an adobe cottage with a thatched roof that stood at the end of the only street of jalcocotan."this cottage is important because of it big impacted on his life. this is were his childhood happened


The chapel is significant to Ernesto because when he says. " The chapel, gave our one and only street a touch of dignity, the mark of a proper pueblo. Because Ernesto fill this way about the chapel it has important's to his point of view of it.

Sun-beaten Plaza

The sun-beaten plaza is important , I know this because when he explains this about the plaza."Sun-beaten plaza was there nevertheless, solitary except when the children played in it or passing mule drivers rested under the shade of its trees. " the plaza is a place were life is show that its were most people are