Intro to Formative Assessment

self-paced online course for all subjects, all grades

This self-paced online course is available on the Oakland Schools sponsored platform mi PLACE (Michigan Professional Learning and Collaboration Environment). Instructions for enrolling are below.

The course is FREE and SCECHs are available. Enrollees can take as long as they wish to complete the six-hour course.

Ways educators might use the course and its materials:

  • complete individually for credit
  • complete in collaboration with a group (department or PLC)
  • select modules or materials for use during a PD workshop
  • adapt and use specific materials in the classroom

Who can take this course?

This 6 hour course is designed for teachers of all subjects at all grade levels. Curriculum coordinators, administrators, and instructional coaches are encouraged to take the course as well.

What does the course cover?

What will you learn in this course?

  • the five strategies of formative assessment,
  • clarifying and sharing learning intentions,
  • providing effective feedback to students,
  • engineering effective discussions and tasks,
  • activating students as learning resources for one another, and
  • activating students as owners of their own learning.

What's the format?

This course consists of six modules. In the course's six modules you will:

  • complete reflections on your own teaching practice and where you stand with formative assessment,
  • watch presentations and videos,
  • read texts,
  • take short quizzes, and
  • brainstorm ideas for implementing these strategies in your classroom.

How do you enroll in and complete the course?

This course lives in the Oakland Schools sponsored platform called mi PLACE (Michigan Professional Learning and Collaboration Environment).


  1. Before going to mi PLACE, use your browser to log in to your school (or personal) Google account. This is the Google account you’ll use in the mi PLACE community.

  2. Go to

  3. Click on the red Google button to log in, use your school email address and network password (or personal Gmail address and password).

  4. Give mi PLACE permission to use your Google username for mi PLACE.

  5. Complete the profile screen - including your city, district, role, and picture.

  6. Be sure to set your default settings for receiving individual emails versus a daily email digest from mi PLACE, as well as your preferences for forums notifications and subscriptions. These are some of the first fields on the profile screen.


  1. Click on the green tab for the Hub.

  2. Click “Search the Course Catalogue.”

  3. Use the “search by” field and type in "formative assessment." The Introduction to Formative Assessment course will show up.

  4. Click on the lower case “i” icon to read a course description and get the enrollment key (argument).

  5. Click “view course” to enroll.

  6. The courses you register for show up on the “My Learning” page when you log in for easy future access.