Ray Kroc


summary of Ray Kroc's start of entrepreneurship

Ray Kroc bought mc Donald's form the McDonald brothers. He expanded the business and made one of the most popular fast food chains. He added on to the recipe to make the burgers better. Along with that he expanded the menu.


Ray Kroc was a very smart yet kind of mean person. When he bought McDonald's he got such little income from every McDonald's he bought. He wanted to make more money so he put on a presentation to buy the McDonald's. He was smart to do this. Also he is mean because after he bought the McDonald's he screwed the McDonald's brothers who opened a restaurant called the big m. Ray Kroc opened a restrung right next to the big m and put it out of business for good.

Why he was succesful

Ray Kroc was succesful for a few reasons. One he bought McDonald's in various locations. Then he bought the franchise. Second he added more then humbergers and cheeseburgers to the menu. And last he stressed the quality of the food.
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Ray Kroc's visions

He wanted to make lots of resturaunts

He wanted to have great service

He wanted to add more to the menu

He wanted to have high quality food

He wanted to make lots of money.