Building a Nation Team Update

Genius is here!

Hello Team - Welcome to August!

Hopefully you have all noticed that the new GENIUS product has now become available to those select consultants who earned their 1000pqv in July.

If you did not earn this, you can order through me this month (you won’t get the QV for it though and just make sure to pass along your cc info), and I will get it to you. Let me know by early Monday morning so that I can add it to a Will Call order for Kim to pick up on Tuesday in time for our meeting Tuesday night.

The Eight to be Great webinar was on this morning as it is every Saturday at 9am.

Deana went over the entire NEW Facial Script that we will be using at our facial events to include the Genius product.

It is fantastic! It is short and sweet and to the point! We will need some practice on it, so hosting an event or two (or three) at your house this month would be a great idea to help with this - plus it gets you 3 out of your 8 events in!

You can let your contacts know exactly what you are doing - rehearsing a new facial and a brand new product and you want their help with the practice!!

Here is the recording from this morning:

There are different ways that you can offer this new product up as an incentive to hostesses this month. What a great time to get people to book events for you if it means they can get Genius at 35% off, 50% or even free if you’re up for offering that!

Marlene Gardiner did a great flyer and I have been working on tweaking it to make it my own to send out to clients.

Check it out here -

I will forward mine asap or feel free to tweak this one to suit your business best.


Team Goals

Every month it is imperative that you take time to think about, focus on and map out your goals.

Thinking about your goals is great, even visualizing where you will be at the end of this month, next month or even this year is great. - BUT You must WRITE your GOALS down! (yes, I underlined and bolded that for a reason) :)

I challenge you to record your goals on paper, take a photo of it and post it on our wall on Building a Nation. (Feel free to post on Our Future Nation as well!).

I want to know what each of you are striving for. I want to be able to ask you how your month is going and if you have had your 3 business chats this month or your 2 one on one's this week or whether you have followed up with each and every one of your sample pack prospects.

Whatever your goals are, record it, map out how you are going to achieve it and put that into action. Forward momentum fuels success.

If you need help with setting your goals or even executing them, let me know!
I would be happy to sit in on a business chat with you.

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Planning to attend GTC?

Make sure to Register.
You can still earn your Conference fee for free when you promote to the next level by the end of this month.
YES!! That means anyone in qual for DM can finish this month and earn CNTC!

Ladies, you seriously do not want to miss this conference! The training is phenomenal! This will change your business and it is all Canadian consultants doing the do here on our soil! If you can make it work for your family, I highly recommend you attend.

Here's to a great month ahead - August is the month we need to fuel our ACTIVITY to throw us into momentum just in time for the 4th quarter! The holiday line will launch on Sept 1st! Have you seen the catalogue yet? The Source has posted the video and catalogue. You can buy your IWIA set (I Want it All) on Sept 1st, this will include all the products available this holiday season.

Let's rock out August and set ourselves up for HUGE success this fall!
Who is going to be at the next level by Sept. 1st? Oct. 1st? Nov. 1st? or Dec. 1st?