Is Celebrity Worship Dangerous?

By: Sabine Villaron

Celebrity Worshiping Is Not Always Good

Worshiping a celebrity can be fun, but can also be dangerous.

“Many people tend to feel personal connection with celebrities they worship, similar to a friendship…”

Celebrity worship can be dangerous because when a teen is obsessed with a celebrity, they feel and thin they have a personal connection with their idol. They can become depressed if their idol does not notice them, knowing that they exists.

Feel Your Inner Beauty, Not the Worlds

“Unfortunately, most of the media you are exposed to do not show people in a realistic way. Characters on TV are often shown with unrealistic, "perfect" bodies....Women are shown as too thin and men are shown with larger-than-life muscles.”

Teens believe everything the media and celebrities say. The feel the need to look like the people on TV because everyone says that they are attractive and good looking. Putting that into a teens mind is dangerous because they feel unexpected by other, so they start to critique the rest to feel better.

"About 38% of reality viewers also agreed that girls are valued based on their appearance and 28% said they would rather be recognized for their outer beauty than their inner beauty"

This shows that girls who watch the media critique about people or appearances are saying that they care what people think about them and how they look. They would rather be remembered as pretty or beautiful then as a nice person. The media teaches them that the outside is more important than the inside.

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