4 Types of Adolescents Development

By: Ali and Meghan


  • Rapid gains in height and weight. Girls start their growth spurt between ages 8-13 years and are done by 16. Boys tend to start their growth between ages 10-16 and are finished by age 17.
  • Puberty
  • Continued brain development
  • Sleep longer
  • Eat more
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  • Teens are excited and also overwhelmed by the possibilities of their future. Ex: college, work, military, etc.
  • Teens get depressed/sad more often
  • Teens begin to have strong, sexual urges and may become sexually active
  • Teens want control over more aspects of their life
  • Some teens may begin to mature more rapidly than their peers
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  • Establishing an identity
  • Becomes more independent from others
  • Begins to spend more time with friends rather than their family
  • Involved in more hobbies and clubs
  • Becomes more argumentative
  • May not want to be seen with their parents in a public setting
  • May begin to interact with other parents as people
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  • Develop the the ability to think about multiple options and opportunities
  • Begins to think and consider things such as faith, spirituality, trust, beliefs, etc.
  • Organizational skills begin to improve
  • Teens question and challenge school and parental rules
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