betty's and taylor's of harrogate

a very successful business in Harrogate

history of business.

the business originated in 1886 by entrepreneurs Charles Taylor and Frederick Belmont from originally was set up in Leeds, starting as a business where they would buy the finest coffee beans and tea leafs, and carefully blending the 2 to suit the local water and got bigger from there, they also won an award for the London grocery exhibition. the main reasons why Bettys are as successful as they are today is because they have worked there way up from the bottom and have shown that they're reliable and trustworthy.
overall Betty's is a reliable and has a good reputation and that is why they can charge more but many would agree that it's worth it. if you would like to read more go to the Betty's link at the bottom of the page. thank you for your time, i hope i have helped your understanding in any way :}

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