IDT Trends in P-12 Education

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P-12 Education

I identify more with IDT in the P-12 education sector. I currently hold a position as an instructional technology specialist in this sector. Before holding this position, I was a classroom teacher that was very interested in effectively implementing technology into my teaching. I'm passionate about the idea that technology can be used to effectively give students a unique learning experience in which they receive the instruction that best suits their learning needs. I use my passion for integrating technology in the P-12 classroom to help other teacher integrate technology strategies into their classroom in the hope that all students can receive a quality and personalized education.

One-to-One Computing

One-to-one computing is becoming a huge trend within the education sector. The goal of most one-to-one programs is to offer students an opportunity to use technology in the classroom on a daily basis in a way that makes them creators of content. The hope is also that these programs will limit the digital divide.
One-to-One Computing Initiative with Intel-based Chromebooks at Richland Two

Adaptive Resources

Adaptive resources are currently on the rise in order to effectively use learning analytics to offer individualized instruction. These resources deliver a unique learning experience to the students and offer the ability to complete work on their learning level.
How ALEKS Works


The idea of having an area in which student can create work products using current technology is the premise behind a makerspace. This is becoming a popular model in which a common area is supplied with the newest technologies, such as 3D printers, and teachers can take their class to these areas to create products based on their desires and interests.
What is a MakerSpace?