Benton Schools Personnel Spotlight

Presented to the Benton School Board-August 13, 2018

Benton School District New Personnel

Benton School District is excited to kick off the 2018-2019 school year with man y new faces in our buildings. Benton High School is proud to welcome Jozette Barger, Emily Bass, Roxana Gosvener, Melanie Holmes, Nick McKinley and Candice O'Bar as new staff members. BJH is happy to have Caroline Allison, Nakita Davis, Erin Green, Josh Johnson, Matt McBride, Mitch Scoggins, Sadeidre Smith, and Carly Yazza join their staff. BMS is welcoming new teachers Hayley Cox, Megan Hefner, Jade Kitchel, Aaron Kock, and Ashley Shoffner. Angie Grant proudly welcomes Ashley Ingram, Destiney Powell, and Rebeccca Whitley as new staff members. Caldwell is happy to have Vanessa Hendrix and Lauren Wendel join their family. Howard Perrin is proud to welcome Amy Etheridge, Paige Hutchins, Kayla Jaco, Karrie Johnson, and Hannah Wilson. Our district proudly welcomes Dr. Eric Saunders as a new Assistant Superintendent and Brandy Beckman as a secondary instructional facilitator. Congratulations and welcome to the Benton family!