Spongbob Main Characters

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Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob is a yellow and cute creature he is my favorite. He is optimistic, cheerful ,funny and makes people laugh when people are sad. He is a square and he is friends with Patrick. Sometimes he is annoying and he does annoy Squidward. Spongebob has a pet name Gary.He lives in a yellow pineapple. He is a fry cook and he enjoys his job and loves Mr. Krabs he has never been late to work in his life!!!He loves his mom and dad so much. He He goes to Jellyfish Fields. But, he is cute, loving and caring to everybody. He takes boating classes and he never passes.

Patrick Star

Patrick is annoying to squidward too. His best friend is Spongebob he has no job he is lazy and dumb no offense to all people looking at this. He is loving, caring, pink starfish ,etc. He lives under a rock. Spongebob and him go to Jellyfish Fields. He use to have a robot for a day but not any more. He goes into dumpsters and eats things that are nasty and will make him sick for days.


Squidward hates his job and Spongbob/Patrick. He has a enemies like Squilliam and many more. He loves the clarinet and he likes being mature and fansy.lazy, caring. Has no siblings but has a wonderful mom.
Just kidding lol. BUT DABB!!!!!!!

Sandy Cheeks

She said's howdy ya'll because she is from Texas and people make fun of Texas she gets mad so easily. Her interest are karate, surfing, extreme sports, science, weight- lifting, Texas culture. She is a nice, smart, loving, caring squirrel. She has a twin brother Randy Cheeks. She has a lot of friends in bikini bottom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Krabs

Mr. Krabs real name is name is Eugene really. Everyday Plankton comes in the restaurant for a reason and he never gets what he wants he gets kicked out every-time. He loves money and he is the boss of the Krusty Krab. He is a Sea Krab and he lives in a house with his daughter pearl. When Plankton tries to steal the costumers away from Krabs he makes Plankton fail. He used to a have a pet named Doddles. He is funny, selfish, loving and doesn't have any siblings but he does have a loving mom!!!!

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