Swimming Lessons

Learn an important life saving skill

Join wonder in the water

Join us every Tuesday and Saturday for the best instruction on the great live-saving skill of swimming. We offer too teach any age and are very patient and open to any question you may have. Swimming is an important and easy skill for anyone to learn and with our help you can happily be around water without anything to worry about.

What we offer

All our instructors are well experienced in swimming and teaching swimming as we are perfectly qualified to give you the best instruction to you learning type. We esure you that you won't reget spending money on these lessons since it is an amazing learning experience, a great exersize for any age and its also a time to enjoy yourself. All it takes is a bit of time, effort and support, which we are here to provide you with.


We see our costs to be at a very reasonable rate compared to the regular lessons that are held at community centers on a regular schedule. Our lessons start at $6 for children aged 3-12 and seniors per lesson. Any one aged 13 and up will cost $10 per lesson.

Every Monday and Thursday at Erin Medows Community Center from 5:30pm - 7pm

To sign up visit this website: www.mistrybswim.com


Come to Erin Meadows community center to sign up now!