Owl Pride

Volume 1 Issue 5 September 21, 2020

Choose to be GREAT Focus of the Week- Attentive

This week we are focusing on the A in GREAT, attentive. As a parent, you can help make sure your child is attentive about school by encouraging your child and being involved. Show interest in the things your child is learning at school, be eager to volunteer when you are able to do so, and encourage your child to always do his or her best. Ask them questions about their day and what they did in class to make sure they were really focused on school! Thank you so much for your continued support!

This week in sports

The RCMS Volleyball teams had their 3rd games of the season in Sonora. All four teams fought hard, unfortunately, the 8th B team was the only team to come up with a win. We are proud of the way the girls represent Reagan County Middle School. The girls play Compass on Monday, September 21st.

The boys played at home against TLCA.7th grade suffered a narrow defeat, but showed much progress. 8th grade came out with a win. Both teams played hard and represented RCMS well. The boys will play Forsan at home on Thursday, September 24th.

The Reagan County Middle School Owls traveled to Crane on Saturday September 12 to participate in the Crane Cross Country Meet. The 7th grade girls were lead by Maryanna Aguilar's 2nd place overall finish with a time of 14:28 followed by Kamyrn Gunnels 6th place overall finish with a time of 15:52, Morgan Dodd 14th 18:17 and Addison Williams 22nd 21:03. The 8th grade girls were lead by Makayla Rodriguez's 8th place finish overall with a time of 15:15, 16th place Addison Hallmark 16:23 and 25th Abby Turner 19:53. The 8th grade boys were lead by Diego Lopez's 10th place finish overall with a time of 14:23 followed by Ayden Olvera 26th 20:30. Next action for the Owls will be next week when the Reagan County Cross Country team will be competing in the Irion County SpringCreek Invitational on Saturday. The Middle school will begin at 10:30 am Junior High girls followed by 11:00 am Junior High boys.

Attention Remote Learners

Your child is required to submit work EVERY DAY for EVERY class. If they do not, they are being counted absent and are not getting credit for their courses. This could result in their retention in their current grade-level for the 2021-2022 school year.

Coming Up...

Volleyball Schedule

Football Schedule

Cross Country Schedule

Pep Rally Thursday, September 24th at 3:24 pm.

Principal's Page

Showing Support for a Child's Education

The following are suggestions of how parents can support their child's education:

* Attendance: Good school attendance is important to academic achievement. When students are absent from school they miss vital instruction.

* Attitude: Parents need to display a positive attitude toward school in general. If parents have a positive attitude, the child will also have that positive attitude toward school.

* Priority: Education must be given a top priority for it to come out on top.

* Role Model: The parent needs to be a positive role model for the child in helping to shape the child's opinions and attitudes about learning.

* Get Involved: Research reveals that high self-esteem and student achievement are closely related to positive parental involvement in school. When parents get involved at school it can be a motivating factor to the child. It tells the child that the parents think that school is important.

Making a Home a Good Place for Learning

There are many things that parents can do within their home to make it a good place for learning.

* Read, Read, Read: One of the most important things a parent can do for their child's education is to read to their child or have their child read to them. Parents can also encourage children to read by themselves.

* High Expectations: Parents need to set high expectations for their child's behavior and learning.

* Praise and Encouragement: When parents offer praise and encouragement, they have a positive influence on the child's motivation and confidence in becoming a successful learner.

* Routines: It is important for parents to establish family routines that include time for completing homework, completing daily chores, eating meals as a family, and having a regular bedtime.

* Listen: It is important for a parent to encourage their child to share information with them about school.

* Monitor Grades: Parents need to be aware of their children's grades. Parents can reinforce and praise accomplishments, and offer assistance where additional work may be needed.

Helping With Homework

* Provide a Quiet Place: It is important that children have a suitable place to do their studies.

* Talk About Homework: Parents need to talk to their children each day about their homework. They should check the student's homework to be sure it is complete and ask their child questions about the homework

* Schedules: It may be necessary for parents to help their child develop a homework schedule. Parents may also need to help their child break their homework into smaller tasks, and help them plan for long term assignments.

Counselor's Corner

Did you know that research shows most preteens and teens would like to talk more with their parents about schoolwork? Ask your child to share what he/she is learning in his/her classes. Be specific: “What did you work on in science today?” or “Tell me about the book you read in English today.” Your child does want you to be involved in their schoolwork, even if they do not seem to show it.

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