Rye Neck Middle School

October 21, 2022 - Issue 4

Dear Rye Neck Families,

The past two weeks have been exciting at the middle school. Students have been learning, having fun during spirit week and Buddy Day. Today, the 8th graders are visiting Philadelphia, and next Friday, the PTSA is sponsoring the Spooktacular. Mr. Doerr and I have our costumes ready to go, and we're looking forward to students showcasing their spooky looks.

Enjoy your weekend!

Dr. Dulce Barker

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Upcoming Events

Puffs Dress Rehearsal (8th Graders ONLY) - Wednesday, October 26th 4:30 p.m. PAC

Spooktacular - Friday, October 28th 6 p.m. Dining Hall

Superintendent's Conference Day - Staff Only - Tuesday, November 8th

MS PTSA Class Photo Retakes: Thursday, November 10th

Marking Period 1 Ends - Friday, November 11th

Veterans Day - No School - Friday, November 11th

Modified Ice Hockey Begins - Monday, November 14th

Modified Sports Info Meeting for 7th & 8th Grade Students - Tuesday, November 15th 3 p.m.

Parent/Teacher Conferences: Wednesday, November 16th 6 p.m.

Marking Period 1 Grades Posted to Portal - Friday, November 18th by 4 p.m.

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After School Clubs

After school clubs started the week of October 3rd. Homeroom teachers shared a club offerings presentation with students. The presentation was emailed to them and you can also find it on our school website. Clubs are open to students in grades 6-8. Students can try different clubs or if they are in 6th grade they can also participate in intramural sports. The club presentation as well as the schedule for intramural sports is below.

MS After School Clubs

2022 - 2023 6th Grade Intramurals Schedule

Monday - Friday

3:00PM - 4:00PM

  • Intramurals sessions are run by Rye Neck Coaches.

  • Intramural design will consist of skill development and scrimmaging.

  • Please use this FamilyID link to register your child for Intramurals:

  • 6th Graders are to report directly to the location indicated below.

  • Intramurals only run on days school is in session.

  • Attendance is not mandatory for participation but if you sign up we ask that you make every attempt to attend each day. A student may register for multiple sessions/sports.

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8th Grade Trip to Philadelphia

8th grade students are visiting Philadelphia today, October 21st. They arrived to school very early, and were eager to head out!
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Spirit Door Wars

Middle school students showed their panther pride by participating in Spirit Door Wars. Congratulations to Ms. Offner, Ms. Englander, and Ms. Addorisio's homerooms on winning Door Wars. Thank you to the Booster Club for sponsoring the event and for the delicious treats!
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Buddy Day

Thank you to the high school seniors, Ms. Folchetti, Ms. Reynolds, PE teachers, parent volunteers and all who worked to ensure Buddy Day was great!
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Please make sure your child has a pair of headphones and brings them to school every day.

MS Halloween Safety Tips

  • Agree on a specific neighborhood they are allowed to visit with their friends

  • Agree on a specific time they should return home

  • Carry flashlights or glow sticks and/or wear reflective clothing so cars can see them at night

  • Remind teenagers they should never enter a stranger’s car or house

  • Put down electronic devices and keep your head up while walking, especially when crossing the street.

  • Remind teenagers not to eat any treats until they get home, so you can inspect it for allergens or any illegal substances disguised as sweet treats.

News From the Classroom

World Languages

The Westchester Coalition of Italian American Organizations and Società Onoraria Italica held a special celebration honoring Italian Heritage and Culture Month this year on Monday evening, October 17th at Brewster High School. During this ceremony students from all over Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess Counties were recognized for their outstanding achievements in the study of Italian and teachers for their excellent devotion and dedication to the teaching of the Italian language and culture. Among those students was Martin T. M. nominated by Mr. Bianco. Congratulations and job well done!

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6th Grade English - Ms. Castaldo, Mr. Macli, and Ms. Offner

Classes are well into their first novel, Seedfolks by Paul Fleishman. As they read, some skills they will be focusing on are: vocabulary acquisition, characterization, using textual evidence, and making connections. Ask your child about the book and what they think about the idea of ‘community’.

Please remind students to keep up with their independent reading. Students should be reading their Realistic Fiction book and working on the corresponding assignment. The project on characterization is due on November 4th.

6th Grade Math - Ms. Massi, Ms. Reynolds, and Mr. Ghiozzi

Both grade level and advanced math classes are halfway through their second unit and working very hard with prime numbers. They were introduced to prime factorization and applied that skill to finding the greatest common factor between two or more numbers. Greatest common factor is helpful in real world situations. Grade level and advanced students were also introduced to algebra, which the students were very excited about! Students explored the vocabulary terms associated with algebraic expressions and are now able to identify like terms.

6th Grade Art - Ms. Appel

Students finished learning about Cubist artist Georges Braque and how to create portraits focusing on multiple viewpoints. They used their knowledge of value to add dimension to the different shapes in their work as well as focusing on using complementary colors to add contrast.

7th Grade English - Mr. Tinnirello

Students in seventh grade English will soon finish The Outsiders and then be tested on the material after October 24th. Students are also selecting an independent reading book the same week to have it approved by the teacher. This book should be read in three weeks' time so that students can write a report on the book before Thanksgiving break.

7th Grade Social Studies - Mr. Magnani and Ms. Slattery

Students had their first unit test on October 7th. This month, we've been focusing on the Age of Exploration which examines the different attempts of the Europeans to explore and colonize what quickly became known as the "New World". In this unit, we are specifically looking at the impact of the arrival of Columbus, the Spanish conquistadors, the discoveries of Henry Hudson and the first attempts at colonization by the English at Roanoke. We are planning on a second unit test before the end of the quarter. Students will be given a review guide about a week before and will be required to work on it throughout the week. Please make sure that each night leading up to the test, your student is spending an appropriate amount of time studying.

7th Grade English B - Mr. Macli

We're going to continue reading The Outsiders and examine themes of belonging and empathy. We'll also read an article on digital literacy and how social media impacts students' relationships and motivation.

7th Grade Art - Ms. Appel

Students are continuing to work on their Peace Poster designs focusing on the theme from the Lions Club, which is “Lead with Compassion”. Students have made a lot of progress from brainstorming their ideas and then bringing them to life on their paper using a variety of materials like paint, markers, and colored pencils.

8th Grade Art - Ms. Appel

Students are learning about the Graffiti Art movement and one of its leaders, Lady Pink. They have gained an understanding of the difference between graffiti as an art form and graffiti as vandalism. Students are focusing on using their names, a word to describe themselves, or something that they like as the focal point for their designs. They are learning about different letter styles, analogous colors, color blending, and printing techniques in order to create their colorful designs.