Being Blind And Still Happy !!

What caused me to be blind

Life Before Being Blind

When I was younger I used to help my dad with the farm. Things were always so well fresh milk in the morning and lots of other things to eat and drink. Farming was not that easy you would have to break your back just to support your family.

How one wrong move changed My Life

One day on the farm me and my dad were cutting down trees so we could have more space for the cows. I had to pull up the stumps so dad told me to use a chain. Well while I was pulling the stump the chain broke it came back and popped me in the eye. I went running to my dad crying as hard as I could I told him it felt like my eye popped out of the socket !

The shocking event

My mom and dad took me to the hospital. When I arrived the doctors panicked because my eye was bleeding bad. They took me back and said I would be blind because the chain had ruptured my Optic nerve. Then she said I had a good possibility I would be blind in both of my eyes.
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What Happened Next

The doctors tried to heal my eye by taking me back into surgery but that didn't work. My Optic nerve was damaged completely. Three days later I was totally blind I couldn't see anything. Therefore I couldn't help my dad on the farm anymore. I could hear fine I just couldn't see anything that was horrible for me I couldn't see my dog my mom or my dad. The doctor also said 121 million people are visually impaired because of uncorrected refractive errors. She also said Almost all of them could have normal vision restored with eyeglasses, contact lenses or refractive surgery but I was not one of those lucky people.

How I Became Happy With my Blindness

I went to the doctor every Tuesday and she told me how to work and help out the family even though I was blind it was really hard but it worked. Fun fact what I didn't know was that over 51% of all blindness is due to age-related cataract, the leading cause of blindness!! But I didn't go blind from cataract. If you have hope than you can conquer anything. That's one way I stay happy having that little quot in my head. If you ever become blind get a nice positive quot to keep in your head.

Learning With Friends

I went to the doctor and she had some friends for me which were all blind. One girl named Ashley became blind by diabetes and she told me untreated diabetic retinopathy is one of the most common causes of blindness in the United States. It is also the most common disease of the eye in diabetics. She also told me some of the symptoms she had loss of vision blurred vision and difficulty distinguishing colors. We played lots of games on how to hear when someone was coming and how to remember and recognize someones voice. That was fun if you have fun while your blind its actually not that bad except for the fact that you cant see anything!!!

What Helped Me Get Back To Normal

The doctor had a gift for me today it was a dog I was so happy. She was so soft I don't know what color she is but shes really sweet. From that day on my dog Maggie has been helping me get around a whole lot better. One day I was walking on the sidewalk and almost went into the road and she jerked me back on the sidewalk Maggie has helped me so much and I am very thankful for her. That's how I became blind and that's my story .