Second Grade SUPER News

February 19, 2016

Highlights from Second Grade

We continued our biography project this week with Mrs. Sayre coming into the classroom to complete our Google Slides presentations. She asked the students to complete the last three slides of their presentation. Slide 4 was answering why this American was famous, slide 5 was honors this American received, and finally slide 6 was other important information you want to include. We are continuing to complete the six slides so we will be ready to present their project in about a week. Below are examples of the slides.


In Superkids we worked on unusual spellings for the long e sound. They included ‘ey’, ‘ine’, ‘eeze’, ‘ease’, and ‘ie’. The Word Work Book presented the use of conjuctions - and, but, and or. The Word Work Book also reviewed the use of compound words, and the recognition of syllables in order to read longer words. Spelling words with ‘ie’ and ‘ei’ was also stressed. The rule 'i before e except after c’ was introduced.

In Writing we are working on improving our letter writing about our favorite books. This week we stressed the 'little extras' that can make your writing more interesting such as:

  • adding decorations that share a fun detail about the book

  • speech bubbles

  • words written in fancy fonts

  • words or letters made out of pictures

  • maps that go with the story

  • pictures that go across pages

This week's letters in Cursive Handwriting were c, a, d, and g. In this week's Friday folder we sent home the first review packet for cursive handwriting. This is not required work, but will help your student become more familiar in writing and reading cursive. When the packets are sent home they will be in the Friday folder and do NOT need to be returned to school. Please oversee your child when they are practicing their cursive handwriting to make sure they are forming letters correctly. We all know that once habits are formed they are hard to correct.

Don't forget we are encouraging students to read the list of Monarch books which can be found by clicking the link below.


This week we continued to work on 2-digit subtraction with and without regrouping. We introduced the decomposing strategy for subtraction and solving problems with missing addends. We used some new math games that can be found on our web page.

  • Under Math Worksheets for Kids we played Balance the Scale and Identify the Missing Addend games. There are other games on this site that your child might also enjoy.

In IXL your student continued to go to the following areas for subtraction:

Subtraction two digits:

H.1, H.2, H.4, H.6, H.8, H.9

AR Winners

The LRC handed out their weekly prizes on Wednesday for making 100% or more of their AR goal. So far we have three students who have met their goal. Next week we should have several more students added to our picture. Is your child reading each night?

Star Student

Scarletta was our Star Student this week. When she grows up she wants to be a teacher because she likes to teach, and or a doctor because they get paid a lot of money. Some interesting facts about Scarletta, her eyes are blue, green, and brown. She lived in Ecuador until the age of 4. There she learned how to speak Spanish. Very nice presentation Scarletta! Our next Star is ...Abbey!

Miscellaneous Items:

  • CogAT testing will be next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.

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