Marine Corps JROTC

Cadet Summer Program

IMPORTANT! Due to new guidelines sent out yesterday, CSP will be suspended until July 13th.

Introduction to "Nearpod"

I can't assume that everyone is familiar with Nearpod, so here's a quick intro to get you started. Nearpod is a "student engagement platform" that we use to deliver quality interactive lessons that can be presented in a classroom or accessed by a student at home. There are some great features that make this platform a perfect fit for the circumstances we all find ourselves in today. Here's a link to a You Tube video that explains what Nearpod is: WHAT IS NEARPOD? For each week's lesson, I will post a link that will take you straight to the lesson. When you open the lesson, you'll be asked for your name. Please enter your correct name... if you don't, you won't receive credit for any of your hard work.

Nearpod's "Immersive Reader"

Many of the lesson in Nearpod have a lot of embedded text. While this is not a problem when the lesson is being presented in-person, in a classroom, it does become tedious when you are accessing the lesson at home. Fortunately, Nearpod has a feature called "Immersive Reader". By clicking on the icon (shown on the right), Nearpod will read the text from each slide to you, rather than you having to scroll through several paragraphs of text. Simply put in your headphones, click the icon, and listen to the lesson as you manually advance each slide.

This Week

This has been a good week. There's been better than average participation - which is noteworthy considering the restrictions and anxiety of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have covered some very basic Drill movements, loosened up with some calisthenics, and ran the 1-mile fitness test course for fun.

The first Nearpod lesson should be completed. if you have not completed it, it's not too late... get it done before the weekend. You will find a link to next week's lesson further down in this newsletter. These lessons are simple and take less than 30 minutes to complete.

The Week of July 13th

Our next training week will begin July 13th. By then you should have completed the online assignment called "Introduction to MCJROTC Leadership Education". As a reminder, it's very important to answer all the start up questions (first name, last name, student ID) correctly. If you skip them, you will not credit for the assignment... you will get a zero. On July 13, I will post an assignment on the "Marine Corps Rank Structure". All the training for that week will have a emphasis on memorizing the rank insignia for each grade. The assignment will be due by the end of the week.

A Few Pictures From This Week

Big picture